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For your next adventure holiday in Europe consider Island Walks in Greece

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Greece, part of which I travelled with Exodus on their Island Walks in Greece tour. Here is my opinion of this trip.

Grade - leisurely: You are healthy, enjoy the outdoors and want a relaxing trip. No experience is required.

Duration - 8 days

Price - from $2479

Best time to go: spring and fall. Expect spring flowers and green landscapes in April and May, while September sees warm, swimmable waters. Summers are hot and towns can get uncomfortably crowded. Accommodation: well-located family-run 3-star hotels. Some of the hotels Exodus uses on this trip are a little worn, which was especially visible in the plumbing. Whether this was pandemic related (i.e. perhaps there was no money for necessary repairs) or just the norm, I could not tell Trip link: Island Walks in Greece

Operator description

The Greek islands have much more to offer than most would think: archaeological treasures, history, culture, dramatic landscapes overlooking an azure coloured sea, and, of course, delicious food. Our week starts on the beautiful island of Naxos, before heading to Santorini and Paros. Exploring the irresistible island of Santorini on foot will certainly be the highlight of our week. Hopping from one wonderful island to the other, we enjoy a relaxed week of gentle walks through picturesque villages, lush valleys, and sandy beaches.

Our opinion

Walking in the Greek islands has enough hiking to keep a casual hiker entertained, yet the walking is easy enough to be suitable to anyone who is used to getting around on foot. The itinerary is well thought out with a nice mix of walking, independent time, downtime on ferries while visiting three quite different islands.

There's Naxos with its network of wandering trails, its villages and history.

Santorini is a must-see for anyone and the caldera views are indeed something to behold. But the place is completely geared towards tourists and it is hard to escape the massive impact over-tourism has had on the place. Just about the only place where you can is by walking the Caldera trail which Exodus includes in the itinerary.

My favourite island was Paros as of the three it felt most authentic and hiking a trail built by the Byzantines was a special experience.

Our tour leader Thanos was a remarkable human being. Not only was he in tune with the needs of everyone in the group, he always had time for everyone, and he always was kind and funny - one could see he had found his calling as a tour leader

Who will it appeal to

Island Walks in Greece will appeal to people who like to have an easy vacation, enjoy walking to some extent, and who want to see three very different Greek islands while enjoying some great food, wine and scenery.

Who will it not appeal to

Island Walks in Greece will not appeal to those who love a rigorous hiking or fast-paced trip, a luxury holiday or wanting to discover the Greece of yesteryear.

Our rating

Adventure Coordinators rates this trip 8 out of 10.

The author travelled with Exodus in April of 2022. Exodus did not review this article.

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