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"Góðan dag" - the Faroe Islands want you to visit - remotely.

Leave it to the tourist board of the remote Faroe Islands, that beautiful group of rugged and often mist-shrouded islands in the north-Atlantic, to invite you to come.

No, not in person, please. But they do have a unique way of showing you the islands from the comfort of your home.

Via a mobile, tablet or PC, virtual visitors were able to explore the Faroes’ rugged mountains, see close-ups of cascading waterfalls and spot the traditional grass-roofed houses.

That was in the summer of 2020. You were able to interact – live – with a local Faroese, who acted as your eyes and body on a virtual exploratory tour.

Now it's winter and the curtains on the landscapes are pretty well closed. And if you don't want to wait until next summer, for the next virtual tour or an in-person visit, you can still explore these beautiful islands - by watching the recordings.

Have fun!


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