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How your adventure holiday with Exodus travels helps rewilding the apennine mountains in Italy

We hear a lot about how travel can be a force for good. And in the case of Exodus Travels, your adventure vacation will be just that. For every passenger booked, Exodus will fund the rewilding of 100 square metres of Italy's Wild Heart, the Apennine Mountains.

Only 2 hours from Rome but untouched by heavy industry this almost forgotten region is a reminder of how things once were. It is known as the Italy's‘Wild Heart’. It is also a sanctuary for the native species who once roamed throughout Italy… From the iconic Marsican Brown bear, the Apennine Wolf, Griffin vultures, Wild cats, scores of ungulates… From the biggest to the smallest – it is brimming with life.

Restoring Italy’s Wild Heart is a short film that places a spotlight on the people in the Apennine Mountain range, who are doing extraordinary things to restore their native ecosystem and promote progressive coexistence within it.

Watch the movie below. Then, to make your holiday impact nature at home as well, please consider participating in our One Percent for the Future Challenge?


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