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Our small-ship expedition cruises along the Labrador Coast have you visit the Torngat Mountains

Cruise ship in Ramah Bay, Torngat National Park
Ramah Bay, Tonrgat NP, © Dennis Minty

Torngat Mountains National Park is a spectacular wilderness of mountains and glaciers, northern lights and icebergs, home to polar bear, black bear, wolf, whales, caribou, falcons and eagles.

Inuit artists
Inuit artists, © Dennis Minty

Inuit hunt here, as did their predecessors for millennia, and the Inuit of Nunavik and Nunatsiavut play a key role in managing the park. The name Torngat is derived from the Inuktitut word Tongait, which means "place of spirits". It is a place where shamans travelled to connect with higher powers. For a visitor it is not hard to feel the power of the Torngats.

Torngat Mountains National Park is however notoriously hard to get to - it typically involves expensive flights for a short stay.

North Arm Torngat Mountains
North Arm Torngat Mountains © Mike Beedell

No longer - with our small-ship expedition cruises along the Labrador Coast you can now travel there in comfort and spend several days exploring Torngat Mountains National Park. Hike, visit archeological sites and cruise by zodiac with the Inuit of Nunatsiavut as your guides in their spiritual homeland.

In 2024 you have a choice of two itineraries, whereas one of the trips also runs in 2025.

map of northbound expedition cruise along the Labrador coast
Map of northbound itinerary

Starting in St Pierre on July 8 you can travel north along the windswept coast of southern Newfoundland with it's abundance of birds, whales, and other wildlife. You have the option to hike at Gros Morne National Park and visit the spectacular Tablelands. Next is the restored 19th-century fishing village of Battle Harbour before we cross over to the southern Labrador coast. Here you’ll find coastal barrens, high subarctic tundra, boreal forest bogs and islands. Visit thriving Nain where we'll get a warm welcome and the option to purchase arts and handicrafts, before travelling on to the historical site of Hebron, site of forced relocations of local people.

Next you get four days to explore Torngat Mountains National Park before sailing up the coast to Iqaluit where your adventure cruise ends on July 22nd. Be sure to keep an eye out for polar bears, marine birds, walrus, whales and seals!

map of southbound expedition cruise along the Labrador coast
Map of southbound itinerary

The reverse itinerary starts in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland on September 17 2024 as well as 2025. As you sail out of the fjord here, you cross the Arctic Circle and you may be lucky enough to see the aurora borealis. Take a zodiac cruise through the ice-strewn Kangerlussuatsiaq fjord before visiting vibrant Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

After crossing Davis Strait you get three days to explore Torngat Mountains National Park, before visiting Hebron and Nain. After cruising along the southern Labrador Coast this expedition visits L’Anse aux Meadows, the only Norse settlement in North America. Finally, you pull in at picturesque villages and unique communities on the north east coast of Newfoundland before disembarking in St. John’s on October 1st.

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