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Sixteen frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and travel answered by experts

One of the things travel agents have been excelling in during the COVID-19 pandemic is answering questions from travellers. We have the knowledge and we have access to cutting edge tools to find you the right answers.

Here are sixteen frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and travel answered by experts.

1) Is it dangerous to fly during COVID?

While there is always some risk, can you think of any place where people are all fully vaccinated and have tested negative in the past 72 hours? Certainly this is not the case for restaurants, sport stadiums or supermarkets.

According to this study infection rates on Covid-19-tested flights were 0.05 per cent, or five in 10,000 passengers.

And with people travelling from Canadian Airports needing to be vaccinated from October 30th, this risk will be cut down even more.

2) Can I travel without a vaccine?

Starting October 30, 2021, to depart from Canadian airports or travel on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains, travellers will need to qualify as a fully vaccinated traveller. This will also apply to travellers on cruise ships when the cruise season commences in 2022. You can find more detailed information here.

In addition most tour and cruise companies now mandate their guests to be fully vaccinated.

3) Which countries accept mixed vaccines?

Nearly 4 million Canadians followed government advice to take the first vaccine available, resulting in them having mixed vaccine doses. (I am one of them). The USA is the latest country allowing travellers with mixed vaccine doses (starting November 8th). Some European countries allow mixed vaccine doses as well. However, this whole discussion is largely moot. Even if you were considered unvaccinated, there are currently 105 countries that allow you in without having to quarantine. Click here to find out which countries.

4) Am I allowed to leave the country?

Yes you are. The Canadian Government advisory was revised on October 22nd and no longer advises against international travel.

5) Will my insurance be valid?

Most insurance companies consider COVID-19 a known event and will therefore not cover any claims due to the pandemic. You would need to buy an insurance policy specific to COVID-19. We offer such a policy and it is very well priced. For a two week trip, a healthy person aged 50 pays CA$63.60, while someone aged 60 pays CA$75.90 and someone aged 70 pays CA$155.25. You can find out more about it by clicking the link below.