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Ten adventures you should book well ahead of time

looking into the future

Booking an adventure holiday last minute is difficult - tour operators have let go of the space they were holding at hotels. A lot of other moving parts come into play too. So we generally recommend travellers book their adventure tours at least three to six months ahead of time.

And there are adventures you need to book much further ahead of time. Sometimes one year, sometimes even more. Here are ten adventures you should book well ahead of time.

private luxury safari camp in botswana

A personalized African safari

Sure, you can visit Africa on a camping trip. I have done it and I loved the adventure. But if you want to really have a unique experience, undisturbed by other travellers, feeling like you are in the midst of the African wilderness and away from it all, then a personalized, tailor-made African safari is for you. Together you and I design the itinerary and I will book you in some of the most remote and unique camps and lodges the continent has to offer. Contact me to start the planning process

japan temple with cherry blossom

Japan in cherry blossom season

What better time to visit Japan than during cherry blossom season? Not only is the weather perfect, you get to experience temples and castles set among the pink trees and perhaps join in with the locals for a picnic in a park. But it is also the most popular time to visit the country bar none. So plan ahead and join our Trails of Japan.

temple along the nile in egypt

A luxury Nile cruise in Egypt

A limited number of available cruise vessels and a large interest in the country this past year saw a number of travellers be disappointed as they booked too late. Plan early and you get to witness the pyramids at Giza, the citadel, mosques and museums in Cairo, the towering Pharaonic temples and Valley of the Kings near Luxor and the masterpiece of a temple Ramses II built in Abu Simbel. A Tailor-Made Journey to the Land of the Pharaohs

graves at beechey island in the north west passage in canada's arctic

A trip through the North West Passage

Join an adventure cruise in the wake of Sir John Franklin's ill-fated expedition through the northwest passage in Canada's high Arctic. Drop in on Inuit settlements for cultural experiences, encounter wildlife such as polar bear, walrus, whales and muskoxen and of course myriad birdlife. Witness arctic glaciers, beautiful fjords and sculpted icebergs, hike the colourful tundra and visit places such as Beechey Island, where three members of Franklin Expedition are buried, as well as abandoned RCMP and Hudson Bay outposts. This is one adventure no Canadian should miss. Franklin's Legacy - expedition cruise through the Northwest Passage

penguins seen on a cruise to antarctica

An adventure in Antarctica

Larger cruise ships are starting to ply the waters around Antarctica. What they don't tell you when you book is that you will not be able to set foot on the seventh continent. And isn't that the whole purpose of going? Explore Antarctica with us on a small but comfortable expedition cruise ship as your Base Camp. From it you engage in myriad activities, including hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, mountaineering, and even camp out on the ice. Base Camp Antarctica

Trekking to Machu Picchu

The maximum number of people allowed on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is 500 per day. Support staff is included in this number, meaning that only 200 Inca Trail permits are given to trekkers and about 300 for porters, cooks and guides each day. To shap up one of those permits you need to book well-ahead of time.

mother and baby gorilla seen on a trek in rwanda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

The daily number of travellers allowed on a gorilla trek in Rwanda and Uganda is strictly controlled by permits. Each gorilla family will only see eight visitors per day and there are only a handful of families that are habituated enough to permit any contact with humans. Having done it I can promise you - the hour spent with our closest relatives is one experience you will carry with you for life. Gorillas and game parks

Christmas markets in Central Europe

Explore the festive wintery Christmas Markets of Central Europe as you visit the best of them in Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest. And while you are here, discover the sights and sounds of Germany, Austria and Budapest at their most authentic. Offered as a small-group tour and a river cruise.

stone marker along the camino de santaigo

The Camino de Santiago

For centuries pilgrims and people looking for meaning, as well as hikers, have plied the ancient trails of the Camino de Santiago. The trail from the south of France to Santiago, known as both the Spanish Camino and the Camino Frances, is the most famous. This self-guided hike will take you across the Pyrenees and through the hill country of northern Spain, all the way to Santiago de Compostella in Galicia.

If you have seen the movie The Way, staying in cramped hostel dormitories with dozens of other pilgrims may have put you off. And this is where our trip comes in. Along your hike you will be staying in 2-3 star hotels, farmhouse B&Bs and guesthouses on a twin share basis generally with private facilities. And to make life easy on you we include a daily breakfasts as well as almost all dinners. The full Spanish Camino from France to Santiago

Cruising the Galápagos

The Galapagos Islands is another destination where visitor numbers are strictly controlled. And with most ships only taking 16 passengers (and never more t han 100), spaces on cruise vessels get booked far in advance. Join us in the paradise of otherworldly volcanic landscapes and its stunning array of wildlife. Snorkel with sea lions and penguins, come close to boobies and albatrosses, iguanas and tortoises and watch whales. This is nature in its primordial state, nature as it used to be. Discover the Galapagos Islands

turtle in the ocean in galapagos islands


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