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Travel is back. For Good. Intrepid is relaunching their line of expedition trips

Adventure tour to the Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Prior to the pandemic Intrepid ran a handful of so-called expedition trips. adventure tours that travelled to off-the-beaten-track or overlooked destinations. The type of tours where a handful of stangers with a real sense of adventure comes together under the guidance of an expert tour leader, and travels on a journey few have made before. I was lucky enough to travel on one of those to Moldova and Ukraine and had my eyes on several others.

Then the pandemic hit, Russia attacked and invaded Ukraine, and this exciting line of trips was shelved.

Until now - in another sign that travel is back, Intrepid has relaunched their expeditions!

Truth be told, many of the trips that ran before 2020 were so unusual Intrepid operated only a few departures. They may or may not come back on their roster. So if you are keen, you shouldn't wait booking, but grab the chance while the trip is being offered.

Currently there are nine trips being offered, in Vanuatu, Peru, Bhutan, India, Borneo, Kalimantan (indonesia), Comoros, Pakistan and Bosnia & Herzegovina.


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