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Thirteen signs that show you are addicted to travel

Yes, it is true. I am addicted to travel. But I have an excuse. It is professional.

Curious to know if you are addicted to travel?

Here are thirteen sure signs that you are addicted to travel. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Before returning from your holiday you have already planned your next trip

Hands up if you do this! I know plenty of you do and I sure am guilty of it. I am going to Morocco in November and am already thinking of my next trip. A self-guided hike somewhere in Europe, an Arctic cruise to Greenland or a trip to Central Asia are all high on my list.

2. You have a separate bank account to save up for travels (where all your savings go)

After paying the mortgage and daily expenses sometimes you have to make hard choices. Contribute to your RRSP and hope you live that long or spend in on an adventure now?

3. Your favorite things to read are travel books and magazines

I admit, it is pretty much all I read. My favourite magazines are Wanderlust and Condé Nast Traveler. And books? This blog has at least twenty different posts listing my favourite travel books.

4. You have friends all over the world and connect with them on a regular basis

I have friends I call, friends I connect with through social media and friends I write to. Oh, and I met my wife in South Africa and we adopted our daughter from Vietnam.

5. Your travel bucket list keeps growing

How many items are on your bucketlist? When did you add your last item and what was it?

I added my last item in August (Ravenna in italy) bringing my total of places and activities to 55. The least likely to come true? Russia's City of the Dead

6. You cry when you have to return home

That's perhaps different for everyone. My sweetspot for time away is about 3 weeks. Less and I barely feel I have been gone. Longer and I miss my family. And I do admit to feeling slightly sad when I leave a place. But then my first symptom kicks in and it quickly goes away...

7. When socializing you start all your stories with “When I was in…..”

I think sometimes my friends hate me and others may think I am a bore. But wouldn't you prefer to talk about things you love rather than making small talk?

8. You don’t have paintings on the wall — you have maps, carvings and t