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Why now is the best time to book your adventure travel holiday for 2022

With good news about vaccinations and the lifting of travel restrictions come lots of inquiries from people wanting to travel.

Here is why now is the best time to book your adventure travel holiday for 2022.

1) Sales are on right now - but they won't last

This past month we have seen some great sales and I expect this to continue in for a little while longer. After that the expectation is that sales will stop as tour operators are seeing demand returning and space on small-group tours filling up.

2) Credits are expiring

People with travel credits are booking before their credits expire. And they want something to look forward to. Demand will increase as time goes.

3) Supply is tight

Most tour operators have gone back to basics and are running only best-selling tours in 2022. Gone are one-off departures and tours to far-flung places. Combined with clients using their credits it means more people are vying for a lot less capacity.

4) Flexible booking conditions

In an effort to get people to book, tour operator booking conditions are extremely flexible. You can change your mind without any repercussions and some tour operators offer refunds if they cancel their tour. But that won't last. As space fills up and the risks associated with COVID-19 diminishes, normal booking conditions will return.

5) Half-empty planes means great prices

Planes are flying across the ocean with much lower passenger numbers than in the past. Many airlines allow you to book tickets you can change for free. And there are some great deals to be had - when is the last time you flew from Toronto to Heathrow in July for less than $700 tax-in? Now is the time to snap up a deal, travel in comfort, and take advantage of flexible booking conditions.

6) Europeans are booking up European tours

If you are planning to travel to Europe in 2022, you may find Europeans are travelling within the EU and are booking the same trips you are looking at. This is especially the case with operators who have a strong European customer base such as G-Adventures, Explore! and Exodus.

7) Places are quiet

Cruise ships and other mass-market operators have not yet returned to the market in full force. Travel now and you will have once over-touristed sites to yourself.

Are you ready to take advantage of low deposits and flexible booking conditions? And where do you think you might be going next? Contact us to let us know.


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