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How to apply for your visa to Iran

One of the most often asked questions about travel to Iran is how difficult it is to get an Iranian visa? It is not difficult at all. You just need to know the procedure for getting a visa to Iran and follow it exactly. Read on to learn how to apply for your Iranian visa in Canada and the USA.

Step 1 of the Iran visa application process - book a tour At the time of writing, the USA and Canada do not have an embassy in Iran. This has prompted the Iranian government to allow these citizens only to travel in groups. This means you must book a tour to Iran.

Step 2 of the Iran visa application process - get a visa authorization Upon booking a tour to Iran with us, we will send you a form. Fill it out promptly and return it with a scanned copy of your passport and your flight details to us. With this form we will apply for an authorization number from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Step 3 of the Iran visa application process - get your Iran visa As soon as we send you the visa authorization number, apply for your visa. Do not wait as it may take some time for the visa to be issued. Both Canadian and US citizens can apply through the Iranian embassy in Washington DC. Be sure to follow the instructions on the form (downloaded from the embassy web site) to the letter. As there is no room on the application form to add your visa authorization number, it will help if you add a postage note to the form showing the number. Also ensure you include all requested documents and payment.

Disclaimer This information is correct at the time this post was published but it subject to change. Be sure to check with us for any changes. There are also lots of small rules to adhere to, such as the maximum number of extra days you can stay in addition to your tour, etc. Please inquire with us for details. Related Posts: Adventures in Iran

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