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What adventure travel should you be planning in April?

You are wanting to get away this year, but do not quite know where to go. Here is a roundup of destinations you should be looking at when planning a trip in April.


With the wet season coming to an end in Southern Africa, and it being over soon in East Africa, now is the time to plan a trip to Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania and other places in Africa. If you are not quite sure where to go, take a look at this blog post. And if you wanted to take in the great wildebeest migration, check this article to find where the herds are at any time.


It is always a good time to go to the Galapagos Islands. And while Inca Trail permits are mostly sold out for this year, there are great alternate treks to be had in Peru.


Summer sees the monsoons sweep in over large parts of Asia, but it is a great time for journeys to more unusual destinations like Tibet, Mongolia, the Silk Road and the Trans-Siberian. Contact us for information.


April marks the start of the travel season in Europe and it is a good time to book trips for summer destinations like Iceland, Norway and Austria. And it is a good time to start planning a trip to countries which are great in the fall: Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

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