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What adventure travel you should be planning in June

Summer has arrived, but you realize you have not made any plans yet for your next adventure holiday. Here is what you should be booking now.

The wildebeest migration will be in Kenya in September and October and if you have not booked your trip there yet, you should do so as soon as possible.

In Latin America, the travel season for Patagonia starts in November, so start looking at hiking trips there.

The Antarctica season runs from October through March and while high-season spots are becoming harder to get, there are some great trips to be had at the start of the season (when elephant seals in South Georgia fight for territory) and end of the season (when whales around the Peninsula abound.)

The best season for South East Asia also starts in October, so look at booking your trip to Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Likewise, book your trips to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan now.

If you are interested in seeing the northern lights, planning your trip now for the winter, for example to Iceland, would be a good thing.

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