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What adventure travel should you be planning in August?

With summer in full swing it is a good time to book your Christmas and winter trips - remember the early bird catches the worm (even though the second mouse gets the cheese).

East Africa will be in its short dry season in January and February and it is a great time to visit. There are fewer crowds and young animals are being born, which make for great photography. It is also a great time to catch the wildebeest migration on the plains of Ndutu in Northern Tanzania. While you may not see the classic wildebeest migration, the arrival of calves leads to to increased predator activity among the huge herds. Add on a trip to Rwanda to see the gorillas, and you have a classic African safari.

It is also a good time to start planning your trip to Patagonia. Southern Argentina and Chile will be in the throws of the southern summer during our cool months. Fantastic scenery and great hikes await you here.

South East Asia will be coming out of its wet season by October, so now is a good time to plan a trip for late fall or winter. See the temples of Angkor or Bagan, enjoy the food and scenery of Thailand or Vietnam, or step back in time in timeless Luang Prabang. Some of the world's best cycling trips are to be found in South East Asia.

October also is the start of the dry season in the Indian subcontinent and treks in Nepal start again in October with the season lasting all the way to the middle of May. Consider combining it with a trip to India.

Whether it is your first time travelling to India or your second or even third, this blog post will give you some great ideas on where to go. Many people combine the south with a trip to Sri Lanka, which is a fantastic destination mixing mountains with temples and stunning beaches with a lively culture.

The European season ends effectively by the end of October, although throughout the winter there are trips to be had in Southern Europe - the Amalfi Coast, Sicily and Andalucia are some of the places you consider. Or while en-route to Europe, consider stopping in Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

If you haven't booked your Antarctica trip for the coming winter yet, you should do so now as spaces are filling up. Or plan ahead and take advantage of some of the amazing sales we have for the winter of 2017/18.

To plan your next adventure holiday, please contact us.

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