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Cycling, trekking and Multi-Activity trips by World Expeditions

World Expeditions specializes in trekking, travel and active adventure holidays in small groups across 7 continents.

Cycling - the world on two wheels

Ever since their first cycle tour in India in 1978, World Expeditions recognised that this was the perfect means to explore remote villages a world away from the highways. If you haven’t cycled since your school days don’t worry. All cycling trips have support crew and backup vehicle so you can cycle at your own pace, while there are no yellow jersey awards at the end of the day. The cycling is through undulating country on sealed and unsealed roads with distances ranging between 20 and 100km a day at a steady pace. Click here for some excellent cycling ideas.

Multi-activity trips

multi activity adventures are perfect for those who prefer the flexibility to experience a country to the fullest in an active way, be it walking the hills, paddling along the coastline or cycling through quiet back country. World Expeditions’ exciting range of multi activity itineraries are packed full of fun and offered around the world. Click here for suggestions.


Ever since World Expedition's first trekking holiday, (to Everest Base Camp in Nepal) way back in 1975, they have since carefully designed numerous treks to cater for nearly every age and fi tness level. Trekking is ideally suited to exploring villages and monasteries in remote regions as well as getting you close to inspiring mountain scenery. Trekking generally requires that you carry a daypack to hold your requirements for the day. Some challenging treks require you to carry a full pack. Days can range from 4-10 hours a day depending on the grading. Click here for some popular and lesser-known treks.

Bike & barge

Bike & barge holidays are one of the most popular ways for individuals and families to experience the numerous hidden corners of Europe. World Expeditions’ relaxing bike & barge journeys let you experience the countryside on foot or by bicycle during the day and at the end of the day, return to the comfort of your barge as you cruise overnight to the next destination. Click here for the most popular routes.

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