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New Exodus walking and cycling trips in 2017

Exodus has released their new product line-up for 2017 and on it are some exciting new walking and cycling trips. Walking trips that get me excited are Island-hopping in the Bay of Naples, and, best of all, Walking Wild Greenland. In the cycling line-up I see gems like Italy Coast to Coast ride, Cycling Indonesia's Islands, and Barolo Gastronomic Cycling. Here is a line-up of the best new cycling and hiking trips with Exodus in 2017.

Island Hopping in the Bay of Naples

If you have been to the Amalfi Coast you know this part of Italy is the playground of the rich and famous. This trip takes you off the beaten track to Ischia and Capri to discover their quiet coastal trails, secluded sea coves and pastel-coloured villages. In addition you hike on Procida, Italy's best-kept secret, the island about which Lonely Planet raves: "Dig out your paintbox: this soulful blend of lemon groves and pastel-hued houses is memorably picturesque."

Enchanting Elba

Another hidden gem along the Italian coast, the island of Elba is rich in lavender fields and cliffs that plunge into the ocean. Beach-laced coves, vineyards, azure-blue waters and mind-boggling views complement fresh-caught seafood and exquisite wines.

Walking Wild Greenland

One of the best new trips ever is this walking adventure on Greenland's east coast. Explore spectacular mountains and marvel at glaciers that give birth to raging rivers that flow into deep fjords. This is what remote and unspoiled feels like.

Manaslu Lodge Circuit

Get off the beaten track in Nepal as you hike into a narrow canyon before eventually emerging on to alpine meadows dotted with Tibetan hamlets in the shadow of Manaslu, the world 8th highest peak.

Fat biking in Finland

This is mountain- biking taken to its max as you ride biked with extra wide tires through the stunning tundra and primordial forests of Northern Finland. Stay in remote wilderness cabins with traditional saunas and authentic cuisine and at night, the Northern Lights may just appear in the skies.

Porto to Lisbon Atlantic Ride - Premium

Sun-kissed beaches, colourful fishing villages, great food and an ever-changing landscape of ocean, dunes and pine forests are the highlights of this wonderful trip between two of Europe's most enchanting cities: Porto and Lisbon

Italy Coast to Coast Ride: Puglia to Sorrento

Cycle across the southern part of the Italian Peninsula. Start off in newly-discovered Puglia, "the heel of the boot", where spectacular towns like Matera are just waiting to be discovered. Then there are jewels such as Padula and Castelmezzano and to top it all off, a ride along the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Cycling Indonesia's Islands

Jungles reach down to azure-blue seas, volcanoes tower over lush ride paddies, fishing villages spread out along a stunning coast line and temples dot the vibrant landscape. Then there are the friendly people where their age-old traditions - welcome to Java and Bali!