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Exodus launches new trips - and they are great!


Exodus has just launched a set of new adventure tours, including cultural, hiking, trekking, family and cycling tours. I have to say they all look great - here is a line-up of the best!

Kosovo, Macedonia & Bulgaria: Across the Southern Balkans 10 days from $2085 Rated leisurely, 1 out of 10 Discover the rich history of Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo, where influences from the East and West collide. This trip showcases some of the cultural highlights of a less visited region of the Balkans, famous for ancient civilisations, UNESCO world heritage monasteries and the vibrant, laid-back capital cities of Sofia and Skopje. Having been under numerous occupations throughout the ages, both Bulgaria and Macedonia have an eclectic history where Ottoman, Communist and Roman rule have all left their mark. But a visit to this region of the Balkans would not be complete without experiencing the contrasting natural beauty it has to offer; national parks, waterfalls, famous wine regions and the peaceful alluring Lake Ohrid are all part of this comprehensive itinerary. View trip

Italy: Sicily Grand Tour 15 days from $3795 Rated leisurely to moderate, 2 out of 10 The variety and richness of Sicily’s heritage is unparalleled - nowhere else have the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spanish and Italians left such an indelible historical legacy. On this incredible journey we sample the island’s best UNESCO heritage sights, impressive archaeological treasures, quaint villages and its diverse landscape. With so much to see and do, a two week itinerary is ideal for those who want to cover the whole of the island at a reasonably gentle pace. With sufficient time on our hands, we can also venture inland into the heart of Sicily, for a visit to the world famous UNESCO mosaics of Piazza Armerina. View trip

Spain: Highlights of Central Spain 7 days from $1895 Rated leisurely, 1 out of 10 Steeped in history, culture and delicious cuisine; central Spain is bustling with UNESCO World Heritage listed towns and sights, mediaeval cobble stoned villages, rural vineyards and breathtaking architecture. Starting in Madrid, this trip visits all the main cultural highlights of central Spain including Toledo, known for its fusion of historical influence and dramatic setting. We also visit the lively university town of Salamanca. Other highlights include rural heritage gems such as Rueda for wine tasting, the mediaeval village of Pedraza, the incredibly well preserved Roman aqueduct in Segovia and the walled city of Avila before finishing in the magnificent monastery town of El Escorial. View trip

Mongolia Eagle Festival: Steppes, Deserts & Nomads 17 days from $6595 Rated leisurely to moderate, 2 out of 10 Rolling steppe make way to stark desert; small nomadic ger camps pepper this vast land where camels and goats are herded on horseback, fermented mare’s milk is the tipple of choice, sand dunes are known to ‘sing’ and the first intact dinosaur eggs were found. Genghis Khan went forth from here on horseback to conquer the biggest land empire in history and, to this day, Buddhist and Animist traditions mix. We travel through steppe, mountains and the Gobi desert exploring the nature and culture of this fascinating, yet little known country before making our way to the far western reaches to visit the eagle festival, celebrating the fascinating past time of hunting with eagles and the strong connection the Mongolian people have with their animals and land. View trip

Spain: Walking in Galicia 8 days from $1895.00 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 Galicia's impressive Costa da Morte offers rugged coastlines, dramatic cliffs dotted with lighthouses and remarkable virgin landscapes facing the challenging Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of shipwrecks have taken place along its dangerous yet beautiful shore; adding a touch of mystery to this intriguing coastline. Discover the Celtic influences and mystical legends that are richly entwined along this coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Watch sunsets from pristine beaches and cliffs, taste fresh seafood and other local delicacies and trek through traditional Galician villages. This unique walking holiday will culminate at the most western point of Europe, Cabo de Fisterra; known for thousands of years as the end of the world! The last part of the trip visits the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela, the end of the famous 'Camino de Santiago' pilgrimage walk; a perfect location to finish the week after walking the coastal paths of Galicia. View trip

Colombia: Trekking Colombia 16 days from $4405 Rated Challenging / tough, 6 out of 10 Ranging from the high Andes to the Caribbean Sea, Colombia offers an incredible array of landscapes and ecosystems. Based around two very distinct areas we uncover the country’s natural beauty as we trek through the mountains Los Nevados National Park and the jungles of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The latter culminating with the Lost City, abandoned and reclaimed by the rain forest. We also explore Bogota’s old town and colonial Cartagena, spend time in the coffee zone and have the opportunity to relax on the beach getting a large spectrum of what this fascinating country has to offer. View trip

Spain: Walking in the Basque Country 8 days from $1895.00 Rated leisurely to moderate, 2 out of 10 Straddling the Franco-Spanish border but boasting a unique culture that pre-dates both its neighbours, the Basque Country has much to offer. The sparkling coastline with sweeping golden beaches, colourful fishing ports and dramatic Atlantic surf forms a perfect backdrop for our week of relaxed walking. Exploring its French and Spanish highlights, our walks vary from the cosmopolitan coastal resort of San Sebastian, to the lush mountain pathways surrounding the quaint village of Ascain. View trip

India: Mysore to Goa Ride 13 days from $3415 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 A fascinating journey through the great kingdoms and civilisations of southern India. From the stunning palace of Mysore to the sandy beaches of Goa, this trip offers the chance to cycle on rural roads through colourful villages, where rural life has remained little-changed for centuries. We explore ancient ruins, elaborate temples and fortified cities, allowing time to explore the sites and sample delicious food along the way. View trip Spain: Cycling Mallorca 8 days from $2355 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 This tour takes us on a journey across the largest and prettiest of the Balearic Islands, we cycle to hidden coves and hilltop monasteries, through ancient stone built towns and past citrus plantations on mountain terraces. Starting in the south our route slowly winds its way through the heart of Mallorca, stopping off at small market towns like Alaro and Felantix before visiting the impressive caves of Campanet and finally ending by the coast in the fascinating walled town of Alcudia. View trip

India: Cycling India's Hill Stations 16 days from $2415 Rated moderate to challenging, 4 out of 10 A superb point to point ride taking us through a huge variety of scenery and the endless variety of India - the incomparable Golden Temple of the Sikhs at Amritsar, the home of the Dalai Lama at McLeod Ganj, the fascinating Hindu temple town of Mandi and the magnificent former capital of British India at Shimla. In between are quiet country roads, frequent superb views of the Himalaya glinting in the distance and the satisfaction of reaching the highpoint of the Jalori Pass. View trip Cycling in Bhutan 14 days from $7595 Rated challenging, 5 out of 10 Bicycles and Bhutan are a perfect fit. The tiny remote mystical Kingdom of Bhutan is probably the most culturally rich of all the Himalayan Kingdoms and is one of the most inaccessible. Tucked away at the eastern end of the mighty Himalaya, the Land of the Thunder Dragon is a wonderful place for a bike trip with some good paved roads, forests, glacial rivers, wonderful mountain scenery and cultural diversity. The whole country feels serene and is united by its love of the King and GNH (Gross National Happiness) is more important than GNP. View trip Japan Family Adventure 12 days from $5815 Rated leisurely 1 out of 10 Japan: one of the few places in the world where cutting edge tech and futuristic urban design co-exist with ancient customs and timeless character. On this new family adventure we’ll explore both sides of this thrilling intersection of ancient and modern - from the temples of Kyoto, via the bullet train to Hiroshima, to the bamboo forests and monkey park of Arashiyama and finally to the neon lights and robot shops of Tokyo. Perhaps, though, it’s the wide range of hand-picked get-involved experiences which will promise lifelong family memories. The samurai lesson, Taiko drum masterclass, hands-on calligraphy session and cookery class are only a few of the inclusions designed to be inspirational for parents and equally educational and entertaining for kids. This trip guarantees a total immersion into this fascinating, safe, welcoming, and family-friendly island nation. View trip Cuban Family Fiesta 8days from $2205 Rated leisurely 1 out of 10 Our adventure begins in Cuba's lively capital, Havana. We then drive towards Santa Clara, site of the last battle of the Cuban revolution. In the Escambray Mountains you will enjoy a nature trail in Topes de Collantes. A highlight for the kids here is travelling on a Russian truck. On reaching Trinidad we'll be able to hear live Cuban music filling the narrow cobbled streets as we search for local handicrafts. Our final few days are spent at the beach, where the warm waters provide some great snorkelling opportunities. On our return to Havana we explore this living museum in vintage American cars, driving in style past Revolution Square and along the coastal boulevard to the famous old town which is bursting with energy, history and culture. View trip

Finnish Summer Family Adventure 8 days from $1515 Rated moderate 3 out of 10 Finland’s vast tracts of Arctic tundra, lake and forest are cloaked beneath an all-enveloping layer of snow and ice for seven months of the year but, with the first spring thaws, they’re relieved of their white shroud and the landscape positively springs back to life. Wildflowers carpet the meadows, salmon leap up river and - in mid-summer - the sun simply refuses to set. You’ll enjoy paddling on the sparkling lakes, rafting on the waters of the River Oulanka, swimming in the clear spring water and even an optional brown bear watching trip. Oulanka is always a popular winter family destination, now we are offering the chance to experience it during summer! Our wilderness base is located at the edge of Oulanka National Park in a truly spectacular setting, perfect for outdoor adventures and enjoy exciting activities together, throw in a daily sauna and...this is the life! View trip

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