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Ten more secret travel destinations for you

Last month we featured ten secret travel destinations and it was one of our most popular posts ever. So why stop there? This world is full of exciting undiscovered places if you know where to look. So trust the experienced travellers of Adventure Coordinators to bring you ten more secret travel destinations!

Myanmar - Kakku Pagodas

You have likely heard of Bagan, the temple complex on the banks of the Irrawaddy, one of the main attractions in Myanmar (Burma), if not South East Asia. Now picture a hillside covered with 2478 stupas, some of them reputedly as old as 2300 years, one of the most remarkable sights in Shan State, east of Inle Lake. That is Kakku. No small-group tours make it out there but our local contacts can. Contact us to arrange a private tour

Nepal - the Kingdom of Mustang

North of the Annapurna range, Mustang is one of the finest Himalayan destinations for both its rugged mountain landscapes and rich cultural legacy. This outstanding trek follows established trails through villages that once served a thriving trade route between Nepal and Tibet. The terrain is striking; a semi-arid desert with deep ravines and rock shelves, flanked by snowy peaks. This is an outstanding journey to one of the true gems of the Himalaya. View tour

Greece - Mountains & Villages of Evia

Even in a land as popular as Greece it is till possible to find some authenticity. The delightful island of Evia is a real hidden treasure, with old stone paths connecting quaint villages tucked away in the mountains. This walkers’ paradise offers unique history and an authentic atmosphere in the local towns and villages. Roman quarries, aqueducts and Byzantine churches are visited and in the summer there is plenty of opportunities for swimming at a deserted beach or a tucked away cove. Traditional tavernas and waterfront ouzo-meze shops make eating and drinking here a wonderful experience. View tour

Montenegro - Bosnia & Beyond

As travel writer Tamara Sheward puts it: " I've been knocked off my feet here more times than I can count (...) No matter how often I visit, Montenegro floors me every time. Rugged mountains, a diverse cultural history, activities galore, and some of Europe’s most spectacular seaside scenery. View tour

Ukraine - Land of the Cossacks

Ukraine offers the intrepid traveller a chance to discover parts of old Eastern Europe and to witness the spectacular architecture of towns such as Kiev and Lviv, alive with a rich and varied history. This tour, heads into the Carpathian Mountains, home to the unique Hutsul people to experience traditional mountain hospitality in a village farmstead and we explore the revolutionary history of Odessa and visit one of the oldest towns in the world. View tour

Belarus - Highlights of Belarus

Castles, cathedrals, rich forests and soviet structures – Belarus is a diamond, shining with post-war intrigue. While much of the country has been shaped in some way by conflict, the result is a modern country where Soviet, Polish, Orthodox and Jewish influences meet in each city to create architectural wonderlands. In contrast, the sprawling medieval forests of Belovezhskaya Pushcha and the humming marshes of the Berezina Biosphere Reserve remain unravaged by man and just as full of curious history, riddled in the growth rings of the towering ancient oak trees. From marsh to metropolis, Belarus’ appeal lies in a tranquillity that needs to be experienced first hand before it can be fully understood. View tour

Russia Explorer - Solovetsky Islands

The Solovetsky Islands, a remote archipelago of six main islands and more than 500 lakes in the distant White Sea, have a turbulent and varied past. Historically, the islands housed a famous Russian Orthodox Monastery from the 15th century onwards, serving as the site of many repelled attacks attacks across the ages. The communist era saw it the islands become a place of exile and home to one of the earliest GULAGs (prison camps) from the early 1920s. Despite this dark past, the natural beauty of the islands is breathtaking, especially during the "White Nights" of midsummer when the sun never fully sets and you are treated to long hours of sunset merging into daybreak without true night in between. View tour

Morocco Highlights - Chefchaouen

Long known to backpackers, Chefchachouen is still relatively unknown to mainstream travellers. Described as one of the prettiest towns in Morocco, this blue-washed mountain village with its narrow lanes and red-tiled roofs sits hidden beneath the towering peaks of the surrounding Rif Moun