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Intrepid travel adds great adventure tours for 2018

Renowned adventure tour operator Intrepid Travel released their 2018 product line and they have come up with some interesting tours. Next years sees an expansion of their active and winter product range, new real food trips and expeditions as well as additions to their core original style cultural tours.

Here are the best new Intrepid tours for 2018.

Peru: Bike, climb & hike 10 days from CA$3265 Physical rating 4 out of 5 Travel to Peru and retrace the steps of the ancient Inca – quite literally as you trek through the fertile heartland of the Peruvian Amazon on foot. Skirt along zip lines, haul yourself up cliff faces using via ferrata climbers and pedal past farming communities as you get closer to the secrets of this elusive civilisation on a breathtaking adventure along the Inca Trail. View tour Jordan: Real Food Adventure 6 days from CA$1595 Physical rating 2 out of 5 Jordan has a way of hiding more than ancient tombs and forgotten landscapes. For centuries, this jewel of the Levant has been a magnet for swaying influences and cultures – granting new flavours as these outsiders come and go. Phenomenally, the land itself helps its inhabitants cook and prepare meals. The sweeping deserts of Wadi Rum offer themselves to roast Bedouin feasts underground, the Dead Sea grants its salt as a world-class garnish and the country’s climate has allowed olives to grow and thrive for over 6,000 years. Jordan and food work synonymously through a relationship that borders on near myth – but this relationship is something that has to be experienced first hand to be truly understood.

View tour Iran: Real Food Adventure 10 days from CA$4020 Physical rating 2 out of 5 Iran’s charm begins with its stunning environment – snow-capped mountains, rolling deserts, ancient cities and crowded bazaars all add to an unforgettable tapestry of a culture less experienced. However the heart of this charm truly lies in the palate – within the odorous spices, succulent meats and mouth-watering stews created through thousands of years of perfected techniques. Saffron, cheeses, crispy rice and succulent meats all contribute to full flavoured meals capable of taking anyone to another place. It’ll happen to you too. Once you dine on tah chin, fesenjan or any of the other dishes on this Real Food Adventure, it’ll only take a hint of saffron to throw your thoughts back into the depths of that bazaar – that unforgettable moment where the taste of Persia first hit your tongue. View tour Russia Explorer 14 days from CA$4300 Physical rating 2 out of 5 It’s the multi-faceted culture Russia has to offer that makes it so appealing. Places like St. Petersburg or the cities of the Golden Ring boast so much in art and culture that it would take near decades to even loosely acquaint yourself with what they have to offer, yet the frosty reaches to the north tell different tales of old castles, derelict towns, prison camps and time-lost labyrinths. This trip takes you across a land shrouded in both magnificence and secrets as you explore the bustling architectural glory of Vyborg, Yaroslavl and Moscow and right up to the Arctic treasures of Murmansk and the Solovetsky Islands. View tour

Morocco: Hike, bike & horse ride 7 days from CA$1165 Physical rating 3 out of 5 This heart-thumping journey will have you mountain biking down the slopes of the Atlas Mountains and horse riding on the white sandy beaches of Essaouira. Experience the hospitality of the local Berber people with a friendly homestay in Aroumd, get lost in the colourful souqs of Marrakech and rest your weary bones in a traditional hammam. If you like your air to be fresh, your days to be active and your adventures, well, full of adventure, then this is the trip for you. View tour Italy: Highlights of Calabria & Sicily 15 days from CA$ 4195 Physical rating 2 out of 5 From the pristine waters of Palinuro to the stalwart fortifications of Tropea, all the way to the smoke gently floating from the volcanoes of the Aeolian Islands – Calabria is a hidden gem for those who stray off Italy’s beaten path. Discover this less-visited part of the country before delving into the spectacular sights of bustling Sicily, volcanic valleys of Mt. Etna, timeworn streets of Siracusa, the Baroque wonders of Ragusa and rich anti-mafia history of Palermo. Starring dramatic cliffside villages, clear waters and delicious seafood, this is a chance to experience the highlights of southern Italy. View tour

Central Europe: Journey through Central Europe and Romania 24 days from CA$4630 Physical rating 2 out of 5 Experience the best of this old-world region on a journey through enchanting Central Europe and Romania. Travel to Austria and be immersed in the country's superb musical heritage and step back in time in the castles of the Czech Republic. Experience Polish traditions while exploring the romantic Old Town of Krakow and get active in Slovakia's Tatra Mountains. Then Explore Hungary and Romania; from the beautiful Baroque churches of Budapest to the haunted castles of Transylvania. Learn about the failed Turkish invasion of Eger and take a wine cellar tour in the Valley of the Beautiful Women. Become acquainted with traditional Romanian culture and customs in Maramures. Tour the medieval churches of Brasov, dine with a local family on an overnight homestay in Viscri and visit Bucharest's 12-storey Palace of Parliament. This epic journey through Central Europe and Romania gives a great insight in to that magical part of the world. View tour

China: Tibetan Journey 14 days from CA$5070 Physical rating 4 out of 5 It could be a combination of the mist rolling off the chilly peaks or the light breaching between the mountains, but there’s something that makes Tibet feel as if it’s caught in a hazy dream. In between the capital of China and the vast Tibetan Plateau, tiny, ornate villages share the Tibetan people’s inspiring sense of hope. Along the world’s highest railway en route to Lhasa, the spirituality of the country permeates through its remote monasteries, high mountain passes, homes and marketplaces. Delve into monastic rituals and marvel at the monolithic Mt Everest on this extraordinary journey. View tour

India: Expedition - Tea & Tribes of India 16 days from CA$3015 Physical rating 2 out of 5 The northeastern states of India may well be the most beautiful in the country. Explore Kolkata, India’s cultural heartland, then set off on an adventure to the unspoiled wildlife reserves, spectacular wetlands and rambling mountain villages that make this far-flung part of the subcontinent such a special one. Check out the eclectic cultures of Sikkim, Assam and Nagaland, search for the iconic one-horned rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park and take a train trip like no other on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. This is a relatively unexplored part of the country, perfect for an expedition. Be prepared to be wowed. View tour

Indonesia: Sumatra Adventure 9 days from CA$1505 Physical rating 3 out of 5 Sumatra offers an incredible travel experience for those willing to stray from well-worn tourist tracks. The world’s sixth largest island positively teems with untamed nature, and its famous wild orangutan population is only the beginning. From Medan, travel to Bukit Lawang and explore Gunung Leuser National Park, one of the richest ecosystems in the world. Continue to Berastagi and hike up the steaming active volcano Sibayak, basking in the glory of misty panoramas from the summit. Finish in Samonsir on Lake Toba, where the colourfully dressed Christian Batak people have a secret or two to share. View tour

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