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Best countries to visit in 2018

The web is full of predictions of which countries will be hot in 2018. Here at Adventure Coordinators we watch the trends - what do people love, what is the buzz on the street. And we throw in a bit of our own bias too - the places we love and we think you should visit in 2018.


Ireland - a country of legends, music and big landscapes, where green valleys hide between rugged mountains, where sweeping rivers flow in to lakes and moors and where idyllic fishing villages punctuate a stunning coastline. History is everywhere - from ancient prehistoric monuments to castles and manors and ruins of monasteries.

Hike or bike the outdoors, delve into its past and snuggle up beside a peat fire in a cozy pub. What is not to love about Ireland? Contact us for the best tours in Ireland


Long overshadowed by nearby Spain, travellers are starting to discover Portugal as a destination all it's own. Medieval villages and castles, beautiful beaches, great food (this is where you get the real pastel de nata!) and wine and of course bohemian Lisbon and laid-back Porto make Portugal a unique destination. Then there is scenery with granite peaks, rolling vineyards, an endless coastline with golden beaches and far out in the Atlantic the dramatic islands of the Azores and Madeira. Click for more


Soaring snow-capped peaks, milky-green rivers, magical caves, serene lakes and even sandy beaches and Venetian harbour towns along an impossibly short coastline - yo ufind it all in Slovenia. Adrenaline junkies can engage in caving, canyoning, skiing, rafting, rock climbing, or bungee jumping, while in the mountains you can hike amidst grandiose landscapes. Beautiful Lake Bled with its island-church meanwhile is a great place to relax or cycle and soak up the scenery. Combine all that with a cuisine that takes cues from all its neighbours, an original culture, endless forests, great museums and the art nouveau splendours of the capital Ljubljana and you get a small country that punches well above its weight. Email us for tour ideas to Slovenia


Romania is a country with a huge diversity of wildlife and cultures and a way of life that seemingly has change little since the Middle Ages. Transylvania's amazing castles balance precariously on stony outcrops lording it over Saxon villages with fortified churches. Hiking trails lead away through green meadows, forests teeming with wildlife and over rolling hills to isolated hamlets, rugged stone churches and incredibly beautiful monasteries. Along the coast, the marshes of the Danube Delta provide sanctuary to numerous bird and fish species while villages hide among the sprawling reedbeds.

Then there is vibrant Bucharest and a host of medieval towns sporting cobbled walkways and chic cafes. Romania is enigmatic to say the least. Click for more.


Georgia you say? In the US? No, this is Georgia in the Caucasus - a country which is getting a lot of press lately. Perhaps not surprising for what some call the most beautiful country in the world. Ancient churches and watchtowers are perched on mountaintops amidst dramatic scenery while extensive vineyards cover green valleys. At the crossroads of civilizations, Georgia boasts an intriguing culture, including age-old cathedrals and whole cities inside caves. This is one destination serious lovers of the outdoors, ancient culture, compelling history and great food should not miss. Email us for the best tours to Georgia.


With 17,000 islands of which 9,000 uninhabited, with over 300 languages spoken, with each island sporting its own culture, wildlife and landscapes, Indonesia is as vibrant as it is varied. Dramatic landscapes vary from rainforests to white-sand beaches and from rice paddies to volcanoes. You may find yourself trekking through wilderness in search of orang-utans or up-close with Komodo dragons. Be in awe of the graceful moves of a Balinese dancer, experience the brooding stillness of the temple complex at Borobudur or witness the funerary rites of the Toraja in Sulawesi. Indonesia is one of the last truly adventurous destinations on the planet. Email us for the best tours to Indonesia.


Long known for its dazzling beaches, diving, island-hopping and surfing, the Philippines are only now being discovered for their interior. Emerald rice terraces, remote tribal villages and jungle-smothered peaks and volcanoes form the backdrop of a melting pot of Islamic, Malay, Spanish and American cultural influences. Frenzied mega-cities are juxtaposed against elegant colonial towns and crumbling stone churches while a genuinely welcoming population engages in exuberant and colourful fiestas. What is there to stop you? Email us for the best tours to the Philippines

South Africa

Lions and penguins, traditional African cultures and Western creature comforts, all the Big Five on one morning’s game drive, some of the best food and wine on the planet - all that is South Africa. From metropolitan Cape Town to safaris in the Kruger area, from hiking in the Drakensberg to scenic drives and boat rides along the Garden Route, come and see why this place has been called “The world in one Country”. Click for more


With so much of the Middle East in turmoil, Jordan is a haven of tranquility. And as you walk through the Siq to the Treasury at Petra, you cannot help but be in awe. Hand-hewn red sandstone buildings rise up into the clear desert skies, remembering ancient caravans of spice traders travelling far and wide to sell their wares. In the Roman ruins at Jerash and in the crusader castles and Byzantine mosaics along the King’s Highway, history is everywhere in this beautiful land. Travel through canyons and oases, stay with locals among the rock formations of Wadi Rum, and begin to understand why T.E. Lawrence loved this land. Click for more.


Soak up the bustling, exotic atmosphere in ancient souqs; join a camel trek into the Sahara; sleep under expansive star-studded skies; witness traditional lifestyles in kasbahs; walk to hamlets high up in the mountains; get lost in winding alleys. All that and more awaits you in Morocco. From Fez, the Islamic world’s largest medieval city, to the sea-side romance of Essaouira; from glorious Marrakech to the oases of the interior and from traditional bath houses to wonderful meals, Morocco is one country you will not want to miss. Click for more

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