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The best new Family and Winter trips for 2018

I have a family and I love winter. And so I take both family and winter vacations. I love to introduce my daughter to new destinations and experiences. And I love to play in the snow and feel one with nature, sometimes battling the elements and sometimes basking in the sun while out ski touring.

Here are the best new family and snow vacations for 2018.

Sweden: Lapland Winter Activity Week 7 days from $4,085 Rated Leisurely/Moderate, 2 out of 10 In the Gulf of Bothnia the sea can freeze up to a metre thick, while the tidal currents of the Baltic Sea create an exciting backdrop of broken pack ice, sometimes several metres high. During the week we will travel by snowmobile out into the bay to experience this amazing natural phenomenon. On other days we enjoy more traditional, Arctic activities including, ice-fishing, a husky safari through the forest, and a snow shoe hike across the frozen sea in search of the awe-inspiring northern lights. This is a perfect week of activities for those looking to get into a remote corner of this beautiful region of Sweden. Inquire about this tour

Germany: Black Forest Cross-country Ski Tour 7 days from $2,245 Rated Multi-Level This week is all about discovering landscapes and exploring a region while cross-country skiing. As we ski each day from one village to another, we explore the deep pine forests, open valleys and meadows of the wonderful Black Forest. We stay in family-run hotels and B&Bs and spend one night in a homestay, getting an opportunity to experience more of the local life and culture. Inquire about this tour

Balkans: Snowshoeing in Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro

8 days from $2,145

Rated Moderate/Challenging, 4 out of 10

The mountains encircling eastern Kosovo, northern Albania and southern Montenegro offer some of the most unexplored snowshoe routes in the Balkans. Inhabited by resilient agricultural communities, farming practices and traditions have been preserved for generations. The rugged landscape remains pristine and wild, which we see as we snowshoe through alpine meadows, rural hamlets and untouched forest. Climbing high to enjoy breathtaking views of Albania's Valbonë Valley, Montenegro's Hajla Peak and Kosovo’s Rugova Valley, these pioneering routes are guaranteed to challenge and amaze the recreational snowshoer. Inquire about this tour

Finland: Summer Family Adventure 8 days from $1,675 Rated Moderate 3 out of 10 Finland’s vast tracts of Arctic tundra, lake and forest spring back to life in summer. Wildflowers carpet the meadows, salmon leap up the river and - in mid-summer - the sun simply refuses to set. You’ll enjoy paddling on the sparkling lakes, rafting on the waters of the River Oulanka, swimming in the clear spring water and even an optional brown bear watching trip. Our wilderness base is located at the edge of Oulanka National Park in a truly spectacular setting, perfect for outdoor adventures and enjoying exciting activities together, throw in a daily sauna and...this is the life! Inquire about this tour

Portugal & Spain: Family Iberian Adventure

8 days from $1,200

Rated Moderate 3 out of 10

Based in an undiscovered corner of Western Europe, bathed under sunny skies, this great value multi activity week includes mountain biking, kayaking and walking in a traditional and untouched area of Andalucía and Southern Portugal. Discover a landscape of forested hills, mountain villages and shimmering lakes. This Family holiday has been designed to offer you maximum flexibility; a great value price with many activities included but also the option to pick and choose additional activities you want to try. Inquire about this tour

Nepal Family Adventure 14 days from $3,005 Rated Moderate 3 out of 10 Nepal is breathtaking, and a wonderful destination for families looking for an adventure. We explore mediaeval towns, try our hand and cooking and pottery, as well visiting the historic temples of Kathmandu. On our exciting overnight lodge trek there are fantastic panoramas of the snow-capped Annapurnas. To add a further dash of daring we take a rafting trip down the jungle-clad Seti River Gorge, ending the day around a campfire. We then visit Chitwan National Park, discovering the waterways by dugout canoe. A jeep safari in search of rhino offers wildlife enthusiasts of all ages to indulge their passion, making for an unforgettable trip. Inquire about this tour

Family Galapagos Adventure 10 days from $6,935 Rated Leisurely, 1 out of 10 The extraordinary archipelago of the Galapagos left a lasting impression on Darwin and is likely to do the same for you as you travel on board a First Class Motor Sail Catamaran. An enchanted world, characterised by stark lava fields, cactus forests, volcanic craters, mangrove lagoons and turquoise waters. Step over snoozing sea lions, watch the courting rituals of Blue-footed boobies or snorkel with turtles, sharks and rays. Inquire about this tour

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