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Ten secret travel locations that should be on your bucket list (part 3)

At Adventure Coordinators we love to travel, discover new places, explore unknown lands. As do you. Sometimes you will choose a place that is popular but new to you. And every so often you come across a place that is so far off the beaten track your curiosity is awakened. In that vein, in our series of secret travel destinations we have ten more to tell you about.

Iceland - Landmannalaugar

Deep in the interior to Southern Iceland lies a landscape so out of this world that it has to be seen to be believed. Multi-hued mountains in all the colours of the rainbow, incredible lava flows, clear blue lakes and a great selection of soothing hot springs make this area a must-do for Iceland lovers. And we have a hiking trip that takes you through it: Iceland Laugavegur Trail

Finland - Turku Archipelago

In the southern end of the Gulf of Bothnia, which stretches like a finger between Sweden and Finland north from the Baltic Sea, lies a group of islands, variably known as skärgården, the Åland Islands and the Turku Archipelago. The latter counts 20,000 islands, some connected by ferries. The archipelago is one of Finland's most stunning natural phenomena and a cyclists paradise. View tour

Viking Islands of the Atlantic: Faroe Islands

Cliffs rising straight from the ocean, beautiful scenery and a walkers and birders paradise: the Faroe Islands are only a short flight from the UK, yet remain shrouded in mystery for many travellers. A thriving music scene, a hospitable people proud of their Viking heritage and the ever-present ocean make this one destination you do not want to miss. Email us for expedition cruises stopping at the Faroes.


Everyone we tell about Romania ends up going. And everyone who went loves it. Romania is a country with a huge diversity of wildlife and cultures and a way of life that seemingly has change little since the Middle Ages. Transylvania's castles balance precariously on stony outcrops lording it over picturesque Saxon villages with fortified churches. Hiking trails lead through meadows and forests teeming with wildlife and over hills to isolated hamlets and beautiful monasteries. The marshes of the Danube Delta provide sanctuary to numerous bird and fish species while elsewhere a host of medieval towns sport cobbled walkways and chic cafes. Romania is enigmatic to say the least, Europe's undiscovered jewel.

Wild France: Ardeche

On the Massif Central above the broad valley of the Rhone lies a walker's paradise of hills where the Ardeche, Loire and Haute Loire regions meet. This is a watershed for some of France's great rivers, a land of steeply terraced slopes, half-hidden valleys and tumbling streams. Large ruined farmhouses seem embedded in the landscape, where the bleat of goats and call of a wild bird are often the only sounds you will hear. View tour

Russia's Far East: Kamchatka

The eastern seaboard of Russia dominates the North Pacific, yet is so remote very few ever visit it. This isolation has protected one of its most valuable assets - a vast wilderness inhabited by Kamchatka Brown bears, Red fox, sea otters, whales and an astonishing array of birds. On this journey from Anadyr to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy we will make numerous landings along these remote coastlines so that you can discover for yourself this untamed and beautiful landscape. We will select sites that few people visit such as river mouths, fiords, bays and islands that in our experience offer the natural history enthusiast, the photographer, the historian and travellers the most unique of opportunities.