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New comfortable adventure tours by Intrepid and Peregrine for 2019

Travel to Sri Lanka on a new tour by Peregrine or Intrepid

Wondering where you should go on your next vacation in 2019? Sister companies Peregrine and Intrepid have launched new adventure trips for 2019 and there are some great adventure holidays you should put on your list of tours for 2019.

While Intrepid's tour offering includes three styles, basix, original and comfort, we focus here solely on their comfort level, which in most countries is at par with Peregrine adventure tours.

Here are our top picks for new comfortable adventure tours by Peregrine Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

Mexico & Guatemala Highlights 17 days from $6215 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 This lengthy trip allows you to spend time in two places that compliment each other, yet retain enough difference to stay interesting. The countries share an ancient history and Maya wonders abound in both, from the pyramids set against flat Mexican plains in Chichen Itza to the temples that remain under the cover of jungle in Guatemala’s Tikal. The indigenous folk who descended from these ancient peoples have developed regionally unique cultures and as such you’ll find much to compare between the customs of the Maya of San Cristobal and the way of life of the Tz’utujil of Santiago. Take me to Mexico and Guatemala

Guatemala Experience 9 days from $2710 Rated moderate, 3 out of 5 Explore Guatemala by boat, by van, by any way you can. From the cultural capital in the highlands to an isolated town on the Caribbean coast, this nine-day adventure takes you through palatial jungle ruins and down remote rivers, across highland lakes and into traditional villages. Whether it’s walking the cobblestone streets of Antigua or kayaking on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala’s magic can be in every experience and every person.

Take me to Guatemala.

Best of Costa Rica 9 days from $2720 Rated moderate, 3 out of 5 Nice to meet ya, Costa Rica. Introducing the country encapsulating ‘pura vida’ to the extreme, a laid-back paradise where even the sloths are taking things easier than usual. After soaking up the culture in San Jose we hit the national parks in search of unspoilt rainforest and deserted white-sand beaches. And did we mention the sloths? This is a trip for nature lovers among you: a ‘best of’ trip in Costa Rica, which just happens to quite possibly have the ‘best of’ biodiversity in the whole wide world. You won’t regret going to Costa Rica.

Northern Peru & 1 Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu- Limited Edition 13 days from $4665 Rated moderate, 3 out of 5 Up until recently, thick jungle and daunting heights kept many of the delights of Peru’s north hidden. In this tour, you’ll explore cultural sites and natural wonders that are little seen by non-Peruvian eyes, as well as the splendour of the country’s renowned spots. Stay within view of Gotca Falls, the world third-largest waterfall that remained a local secret until 2005, and wander the imposing circular walls of Kuelep. Spend a day on the Inca Trail, hiking past the terraces of Ollantayttambo and Chachabamba before arriving at Machu Picchu.

This is an adventure through Peru's history to release your inner explorer.

Peru, Argentina & Brazil Highlights 16 days from $7140 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 Immerse yourself in three bold and rugged destinations on this tour. This 16-day adventure through South America will have you exploring the lofty ruins of Machu Picchu, perfecting your steps at a private tango class in Buenos Aires and sipping a caipirinha in Rio de Janeiro. Take me to Peru, Argentina and Brazil.

Falkland Islands Expedition: Past & Present 8 days from $6835 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 The windswept moors and meadows of this remote birders haven hold plenty of history both natural and human. Small and sparsely populated, this Antarctic neighbour has nonetheless remained the source of numerous sovereignty disputes, most famously the tragic Falklands War of 1982. This 8-day trip is one for the wildlife and history buffs. See crags dotted with sea birds and war memorials, explore beaches covered with king and gentoo penguins, trek sprawling nature reserves edging on outpost towns, and walk the battlegrounds from the war of 1982. Take me to the Falkland Islands

Fall of the Berlin Wall: Limited Edition 10 days from $4060 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and this trip is an opportunity to not only discover the context of this turbulent time in European history, but also celebrate hope with those whose lives have been most affected. Begin and end in Berlin, where you'll tour Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Memorial and take part in official celebrations on the day the wall fell. Travel to Gdansk, where a spirited resistance to communism ushered in the fall of the Soviet Union, and Prague, where a mass exodus of East Germans sought refuge. Along with a fascinating insight into the sobering events of this period, you'll also be immersed in the food and culture of these cities that have become modern metropolises, some, like Dresden, rebuilt from ashes. Let me fall for the Wall

Highlights of Romantic Germany 9 days from $3370 Rated easy to moderate, 2 out of 5 Oh Germany, what can't you do? A land of history