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New adventure tours by Exodus Travels for 2019

Exodus Travels released their 2019 product line-up of new adventure tours to complement their current portfolio of nearly 600 adventurous vacations. Exodus has chosen to stay with mainly tried, tested and true destinations, even marketing some trips they ran in 2018 as "new". But there are some trips that got us excited and we list Exodus Travel's best new adventure tours for 2019 here.

Journey through the Czech Republic

8 days from $2,275

Rated leisurely, 1 out of 10

Explore the highlights and delve into the past of the Czech Republic, as we tour iconic sites and discover the Czech Republic’s backroads and unknown treasures. The tour starts in the capital Prague, a city built around the Vltava river and shrouded in history, it is sometimes referred to as "the city of a hundred spires". During our journey, the differences between Bohemia and Moravia will be revealed and we will visit a number of UNESCO protected sites including, Kromoeriz Castle and Gardens, the historic centre of Český Krumlov and Tugendhat Villa in Brno.

Adventure Coordinators verdict: a nice in-depth sightseeing tour of the Czech Republic. To really do the country justice you need to add 2-3 days in Prague. Take me on a Journey through the Czech Republic

Cycle the Balkans 15 days from $3,325 Rated Moderate/Challenging, 4 out of 10 The Balkans offers an intoxicating mix of beautiful countryside, fast-developing cities and historic towns. Our first ride ends at the UNESCO town of Ohrid on the vast lake of the same name, from here the route leads up towards the border with Kosovo. Small towns and villages dot the route as we wind our way across into Montenegro and through the heart of the imposing Durmitor Mountains. As the route suggests, there is a good mix of climbing and flat riding, with a few stops along the way to visit or see places of interest. Sunshine and sea come in the form of the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic, a dramatic setting to end the ride. Few other regions offer such cultural and natural variety along with a true sense of discovery. Adventure Coordinators verdict: a fascinating trip through the spectacular scenery of some of Europe's newest countries. Let me Cycle the Balkans

Cycling the Prosecco Hills

8 days from $2,185

Rated moderate, 3 out of 10

Treviso is thought to be the most cycled province in Italy thanks to the great variety of scenic roads and picturesque rolling hills. For this exciting, new trip we have designed and hand-picked five circular and point-to-point routes to showcase the very best this wine-growing region has to offer. You will be pedalling on peaceful back country roads and through breathtaking vine-covered hills, extending as far as the eye can see and exploring several fascinating historic towns along the way, including elegant Treviso, Bassano and medieval Asolo. At the end of each day your efforts will be rewarded by tasting the best of local gastronomy, obviously along with a crisp glass of delicious Prosecco!

Adventure Coordinators verdict: it seems Brits get excited about sparkling wine and while we won't turn it down, we like this trip for the scenery, gastronomy and historic towns. I want to Cycle the Prosecco Hills

Not a cyclist, try Walking the Prosecco Hills

Trails & Treasures of the Amalfi Coast 8 days from $4,175 Rated leisurely / moderate, 2 out of 10 It’s hard to think of a more delightful, more life-affirming holiday than a week wandering the paths of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It’s a magic spell conjured with Gods’-eye views of the Monti Lattari plunging headlong into the inky blue Tyrrhennian Sea, mesmerising carpets of wildflowers and the bewitching fragrance of lemons and wild herbs. Mix those with the comfort of staying in some delightful hand-picked 4-star hotels and the exquisite thrill of walking into glamorous hill-towns at the exact hour of the aperitivo; add in the ruins of Pompeii, a look into the crater of Vesuvius and a private boat trip to the fabled island of Capri, and you’ll be spellbound! Adventure Coordinators verdict: an improved version (at a cost) of the ever so popular Walking the Amalfi Coast. This trip starts in the hidden gem of Naples which makes it easier to reach. It also includes the spectacularly beautiful island of Capri, along with stays in three 4-star hotels in great locations. We can see ourselves extending our stay in Sorrento! Take me to the Treasures of the Amalfi Coast.

Trails of the Swiss Alps 8 days from $2,565 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 Located in the heart of the Bernese Oberland, where the great arc of the Alps culminates in some of its highest and most spectacular peaks, Kandersteg is a walker's paradise. This area epitomises the 'chocolate-box' Alps: lush green meadows bright with wildflowers, against a backdrop of rugged, wild mountains, topped with glistening glaciers. We stay at the charming Hotel Alfa Soleil, owned by the Seiler family, and discover the best of the region offers, including towering cliffs, a hidden valley headed by a glacier, a sheer gorge carved out by glacial meltwaters and more. Adventure Coordinators verdict: a popular trip that was gone for a while has been brought back. With such great scenery this is a great trip and so many meals included it is exceptional value for money. I want to walk the Trails of the Swiss Alps

Walking in the French Alps 8 days from $1,895 Rated multi-level Dramatic landscapes, towering pine forests and rugged mountain peaks make the Queyras Regional Park one of the most beautiful areas in the Southern Alps. We base ourselves in the small village of Saint Véran, one of the highest inhabited villages in Europe, dotted with wooden and stone chalets, water fountains and chapels, all framed with beautiful bright flowers tended to by the proud villagers. From here we enjoy five walks throughout the week, offered in two different grades, moderate and challenging, with one leader escorting each grade. Perfect if you are looking for a bit of a challenge, simply wish to admire the surroundings at a steady pace or if you wish to holiday with someone but you want different challenges from your walks. Adventure Coordinators verdict: thought not as impressive as the Swiss Alp, the combo of French food, centre-based walking and two different levels of walks on offer, this is a good trip. Couples with different walking abilities should consider it. I want to Walk in the French Alps

Walking Portugal's Coast and Beaches 8 days from $1,805 Rated leisurely / moderate, 2 out of 10 Boasting one of the most beautiful and well-preserved coastlines of Europe, blessed with wild pristine beaches, towering cliffs, great biodiversity, remote whitewashed traditional villages and a temperate climate, Portugal’s Rota Vicentina is the ultimate hikers and ramblers' paradise. We have hand-picked the very best walks from the 125km selection of coastal trails that span the tranquil Portuguese region of Alentejo. Always in close contact with refreshing ocean winds, rugged coastal scenery and wild and powerful natural landscape, walking in this remote corner of Europe will be truly reinvigorating. Adventure Coordinators verdict: undeveloped Alentejo is an area waiting to be explored by those looking for tranquility, great scenery, nice weather and good food. That's me! Take me to Portugal's Coast and Beaches

Undiscovered Trails of Cape Verde 11 days from $2,815 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 The Cape Verde Islands never fail to delight the senses and this exciting itinerary will allow us to experience the dramatic variety of landscapes to be found here. Predominantly on foot, we will explore several of the islands starting with Santiago to discover the history of the Cape Verde Islands. On Santo Antao we enjoy the breath-taking scenery; from fertile valleys and mountain ranges to salt pans and long stretches of coastline as well as the peculiar rock formations and microclimates which are characteristic of this region. We end by experiencing the colonially-inspired port city of Mindelo, the cultural heart of the islands. Adventure Coordinators verdict: with a captivating mix of mountains, beaches and peaceful seaside villages and a thriving culture, Cape Verde is one unique destination. I want to walk the Undiscovered Trails of Cape Verde

Egypt: Alexandria to Aswan 13 days from $2,185 Rated leisurely, 1 out of 10 Egypt is a place like no other and on this two-week itinerary we explore its treasures across the length of the country. In the north there is the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria and El Alamein, the site of the famous Second World War battle. Cairo’s attractions are world famous but on this itinerary we also experience the bazaars and culinary delights on a food tour. Journeying south by sleeper train we reach Aswan where we board our Nile cruise boat and discover the monuments and temples all the way to Luxor. Adventure Coordinators verdict: Egypt is back and here finally is a tour that not only includes the classical sites but also includes cosmopolitan Alexandria. With 4/5 star accommodation throughout, this is one itinerary that is hard to beat. There is no mention of Egyptologist guides though - if you are interested in more in-depth historical guiding, consider Nile Cruise Premium. Take me to Egypt, from Alexandria to Aswan

Highlights of Ghana 15 days from $3,795 Rated Leisurely/Moderate, 2 out of 10 One of Africa’s most underrated travel destinations, Ghana is a country rich in culture and natural wonders. Sometimes called ‘Africa for beginners’, it boasts affable inhabitants and is arguably the continent’s great success story. On this itinerary we explore its colonial castles, bustling markets and welcoming beaches as well as attend the Ashanti Kingdom’s most celebrated event - the Akwasidae Festival. Travelling north is like arriving in a different country. Here we meet the people of the Tongo Hills, visit the mud mosque at Larabanga and search for elephants in Mole National Park. Adventure Coordinators verdict: we like the looks of this in-depth discovery of Ghana, agood mix of culture, wildlife and history. Take me on a journey through the Highlights of Ghana

Ethiopia & Djibouti: Danakil & Whale Sharks 14 days from $8,355 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 Salt caravans trudge along towards the sunset, past alien landscapes as they start the long journey to market. A lava lake bubbles within a volcano’s crater from which lava fields, fresh enough to still crunch underfoot, descend. Afar people eke out an existence from this eerily beautiful landscape tucked in a remote corner of the Horn of Africa – the Danakil Depression. Stretching between Ethiopia and Djibouti, the region, formed by three tectonic plates tearing the land apart, encompasses some of the lowest and hottest places on Earth. Meanwhile, off the Djibouti coast, gentle giants - Whale sharks – swim and reefs teem with all kinds of marine life. This is a journey unlike any other. Adventure Coordinators verdict: we have started to pack our bags - when can we leave? Take me to the Danakil in Ethiopia & the Whale Sharks of Djibouti

Cycle Chile & Argentina: Atacama to Salta 13 days from $4,935 Rated Moderate/Challenging, 4 out of 10 This trip takes us on a journey through a part of the world that resembles no other. Starting in the popular town of San Pedro de Atacama and finishing in 'Salta la Linda', this trip takes us through many roads in which you will see very little traffic and no other cyclists. This 'once in a lifetime' journey includes cycling through salt flats, ravines, a serpentine-like road through a rainforest and in the driest desert in the world. Adventure Coordinators verdict: a great trip for cyclist who have been everywhere else and/or want to experience something unique. I want to Cycle Chile & Argentina from the Atacama to Salta

Source of the Sacred Ganges Trek 15 days from $2,925 Rated moderate / challenging, 4 out of 10 This trip visits a remote and highly spectacular part of the Indian Himalaya where the mighty Ganges River has its source. Emerging from a glacier, this great river rushes down to the plains in a torrential flurry. This itinerary includes two short treks. The first trek is a warm up and takes us off the beaten track for great panoramic views of the Garhwal Himalaya. We then move on to Gangotri and trek to Tapovan, where Shivaling and other mightly peaks are almost close enough to touch. Adventure Coordinators verdict: for trekkers who want something different than Nepal. Take me to the Source of the Sacred Ganges.

Peaks of Ladakh Trek 15 days from $3,415 Rated tough, 7 out of 10 Ladakh remains one of the best places to experience the unique culture of the High Himalaya. As well as the Tibetan culture and religion there are some fantastic trekking routes, many of them off the beaten track. Ladakh is also the best place to conquer your first 6,000m Himalayan peak and if conquering one summit isn't enough of a challenge, try two peaks and seven passes! Adventure Coordinators verdict: tougher than Kilimanjaro and quite a bit harder than Everest Base Camp this off-the-beaten-trek is for those wanting to challenge themselves. I want to challenge myself.

Japan's Kumano Kodo 14 days from $8,355 Rated moderate, 3 out of 10 After uncovering Kyoto’s most ancient shrines and pathways, we head off the beaten track to the Kumano Kodo region; one of Japan's most remote and rewarding pilgrimage routes. This moderate walking trip focuses on beautiful scenery and nature, rural life, and following in the footsteps of religious pilgrimages on some of the country’s most historic walks. Staying in traditional ryokans along the way, this journey invites full immersion into the authentic Japanese culture and way of life. Adventure Coordinators verdict: this promises to be a unique cultural and spiritual experience but the area is getting plenty of publicity this year which may increase visitor numbers in the years to come. Take me to Kumano Kodo

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