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Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Iran, Israel, Turkey - where in the Middle East is it safe to travel?

A question we get often asked is where in the Middle East is it safe to travel. Is it safe to travel to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco or Oman? Is it safe to visit Lebanon, Iran, Israel or Turkey? Read on to find out where in the Middle East, north Africa and the Levant it is safe to travel.


Current Government Advice

Our advice: it is safe to travel to Morocco on our tours.

Soak up the bustling, exotic atmosphere in ancient souqs; join a camel trek into the Sahara; sleep under expansive star-studded skies; witness traditional lifestyles in kasbahs; walk to hamlets high up in the mountains; get lost in winding alleys. All that and more awaits you in Morocco. From Fez, the Islamic world’s largest medieval city, to the sea-side romance of Essaouira; from glorious Marrakesh to the oases of the interior and from traditional bath houses to wonderful meals, Morocco is one country you will not want to miss.

Best tours: Highlights of Morocco or for those wanting to add Morocco's great food to the mix Morocco Food Explorer has us excited.


Current Government Advice

Our advice: it is safe to travel to Egypt's Nile Valley on our tours. There are however sporadic attacks on foreign targets, so there is an elevated risk level and caution is warranted. Interestingly, since the last attack, the Canadian Government eased its travel warnings for Cairo and the Nile Valley.

Wherever you go in Egypt, the desert is all around you. But is the Nile that is the lifeblood of this dry country, the river that gave us one of the world's oldest civilisations. Witness the pyramids, citadel, mosques museums in Cairo, the towering Pharaonic temples and Valley of the Kings near Luxor and the masterpiece Ramses II built in Abu Simbel. Join a Nile cruise and visit edifices where time has stood still for centuries. No matter how you travel, Egypt will leave an impression on you.

Best tours: Nile Valley Highlights which can be combined with Jordan and with Jordan and Israel.


Current Government Advice

Our advice: it is safe to travel to Jordan on our tours

As you walk through the Siq to the Treasury at Petra, you cannot help but be in awe. Hand-hewn red sandstone buildings rise up into the clear desert skies, remembering ancient caravans of spice traders travelling far and wide to sell their wares. In the Roman ruins at Jerash and in the crusader castles and Byzantine mosaics along the King’s Highway, history is everywhere in this beautiful land. Travel through canyons and oases, stay with locals among the rock formations of Wadi Rum, and begin to understand why T.E. Lawrence loved this land.

Best tours: A week in Jordan, or, if your interest is archaeology, Hidden Treasures of Jordan


Current Government Advice

Our advice: it is safe to travel to Oman on our tours

If you are looking for out of this world glitz and glamour, Oman takes a distant second place to the Gulf States. It makes up for it in its original culture, a rich heritage, a pride in its ancient history, beautiful deserts, stunning mountains and an incredible coastline. Experience the Arabia of old in its mud-brick villages, among the swaying palm trees and fishing boats, the old forts and crumbling watchtowers and the souks bustling with welcoming people.

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