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What is so great about expedition cruising and why should you go?

Zodiacs landing in Gold Harbour, South Georgia, Antarctica

Zodiacs landing in Gold Harbour, South Georgia, Antarctica

I have a secret to tell you.., Or perhaps it is no secret at all,,, I love expedition cruising! Whether it is in Antarctica, the Arctic, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica or Patagonia, I love the freedom of expedition cruising.


Let me tell you what is so great about adventure cruising and why you should go.

You get to places you otherwise cannot

Some locations on our planet can only be reached by ship. Be it the fjords of Patagonia, the far north of Canada, the spectacular wilderness of Antarctica, the Galapagos, Alaska - none of these locations can be reached by road. As a result you get to explore places few others have been to, where cultures thrive and where wildlife is unafraid of people.

You feel like an explorer

A typical morning on an expedition cruise starts with a sumptuous breakfast, during which the expedition leader will go over the day's program. And while each day is different from the last, even on the morning of you will never know what to expect. On my last expedition, to South Georgia, we sailed in to a fjord hoping to hike in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton. But low clouds obscured the mountains, dashing our hope to do the walk. Instead we spent the morning walking up a valley, visiting a large penguin rookery. Back on board the sun came out and suddenly the hike was on again and we spent a wonderful afternoon following in the tracks of the great explorer.

You get up-close to wildlife