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A handy checklist for air travel during the Covid-19 pandemic for fully vaccinated travellers

Travel has changed and these days you need to prepare a lot more prior to your trip. There are also some important protocols you need to follow during and after your trip.

Here is a handy checklist for travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pre Travel Checklist for Fully Vaccinated Travellers

☐ Prepare a file folder in which you keep all pertinent records. Don't rely on mobile devices as internet connectivity may be spotty or non-existent

☐ Check destination-specific COVID regulations such as forms you need to complete, documents you need to show and tests you need to take with our handy COVID regulation tool.

☐ Make an appointment for a pre travel COVID test. Most countries require a test done within 72 hours of departure. Be sure your test results are still valid when you arrive in your destination. Be sure to take the right kind of test, specific to your destination(s).

☐ Keep a copy of your test results in a printed format as well as in your email and on your mobile device. You will be asked to present it at check in for your flight and possibly on arrival at your destination.

☐ If required, download your destination's COVID app or COVID tracking program.

☐ Copy your vaccination records to your email, your mobile devices and print the originals. When saving them to your mobile devices, given them recognizable file names, i.e. "John Vaccination 19JUN21 Dose 1"

☐ Download the ArriveCan app to enter your information required to reenter Canada. Complete as much information as you can before departure. (You will need to use a fictitious arrival date as ArriveCan won't let you pick a date further than 3 days out. But by filling and saving as much of the information now you will save time while on vacation. You can come back to it later to complete it prior to submitting.)

You can download ArriveCan from GooglePlay or the Appstore

☐ Know where you get tested in destination

While in destination you will have to take a COVID test in order to return to Canada. You must take this test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your flight to Canada. Know where and when to take that test.

Be sure to take the right type of test. You can find details on which types of tests are accepted here.

While tour leaders can help you find a test location we suggest you come prepared and know where and when to go. Click on this link and navigate to the destination drop-down menu. After choosing your destination, click "go". Under the "health" tab you will find testing facilities. A Google search will also bring up testing facilities.

Returning by air to Canada - Checklist for fully vaccinated travellers

This information was accurate at the time of writing. As entry requirements are in flux please get the latest information at the Canadian Government website.

☐ Book and attend your PCR testing appointment. The cost will vary depending on destination and service. You must take a test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your flight to Canada. Airlines will refuse boarding to travellers who are unable to provide a valid molecular test result.

☐ Complete your declaration in the ArriveCan app. This includes uploading your Proof of Vaccination

☐ Create a quarantine plan. In most cases this is a formality but it is an important one for everyone to complete. You must be prepared to quarantine for 14 days, in case you:

- are symptomatic

- don’t meet the requirements for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption

A suitable quarantine plan must be entered into ArriveCAN. You may be asked to explain your quarantine plan at the border.

☐ Get your ArriveCAN receipt with uploaded proofs of vaccination - 2 images for 2 doses

Checklist of what to have ready at the airport upon return to Canada - fully vaccinated travellers

☐ ArriveCAN receipt with uploaded proofs of vaccination - 2 images for 2 doses

☐ proof of vaccination

☐ pre-entry test results

☐ other travel documents like passport or PR card

E&OE. The information in this article was correct at the time of publication but should be double checked against relevant government websites before booking a trip.


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