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Adventure Canada extends its 15% early booking bonus for their 2023 Arctic season

Adventure Canada just let me know they have extended their 15% early booking bonus. It means you can get great deals on, among others, some amazing expedition cruises in the Arctic.

Adventure Canada is a leader in Arctic expedition cruises and through years of operating trips they have built up an amazing network of local contacts as well as a treasure trove of knowledge about the destinations they visit.

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Here are some of the amazing trips they offer.

The Saga of Erik the Red

Iceland to Greenland

July 13–25, 2023

In 982 AD Eirik Rauða, better known to us as Erik the Red, was banished from Iceland and sailed to Greenland to start the Norse settlements there. This expedition cruise follows in his wake, sailing from Reykjavik to Greenland's east and southern coasts were you will explore the fjords and Nore settlements, marvel in the stunning scenery and encounter rich wildlife including polar bear, whales, seals and myriad birds.