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Bike/hike and Boat- why it is a great way to see Europe

Active trips by boat (or barge) are a great way to see Europe. Your accommodation is on board a comfortable vessel which follows you along so you never have to pack or unpack.

During the day you cycle or walk along the river, exploring castles, towns, museums and wineries at your own pace, stopping at a local café or restaurant or a viewpoint to take in the beautiful landscapes. At the end of the day you "come home" to the boat to enjoy a delicious dinner and an evening onboard with your fellow travellers.

As you travel through river valleys it is almost impossible to get lost and cycling and walking is mostly on the flat. But for those who want more of a challenge, you are free to explore further afield, climb a hill or take a detour. Not feeling too active? You are welcome to stay on-board the boat for the day as well and watch the scenery go by.

Here are some of our favourite Bike and Boat trips in Europe.

8 days from CA$2390

Physical Rating: Leisurely

Cycling along dikes, bike paths and small roads through the pretty countryside of the Netherlands and Belgium, encounter rivers, farms, small villages and hamlets, windmills and cafés. Take time to stop in some of the cities Holland and Flanders are famous for - relaxed Amsterdam, old Ghent (Gent) and pretty Bruges (Brugge) - and meet the locals who are always ready for a story and a chat.

8 days from CA$1259

Physical Rating: Leisurely

The picturesque Moselle valley is at the heart of a famous wine-producing area in Germany. The region is home to the country's oldest town and a rick Roman and medieval history. An abundance of castles stand guard over pretty towns in a valley that offers relaxed cycling and an array of activities, historical sites and cultural traditions.

15 days from CA$3290

Physical Rating: Leisurely / Moderate

Cycling along the famous Danube you will ride through six countries and some fantastic landscapes: the spectacular Wachau Valley, the mighty canyon of the Iron Gates and the Carpathian mountains. Along the route you will visit lovely villages, wineries and monasteries and explore four capitals, all once belonging to the Austrian-Hungarian empire: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade.

8 days from CA$1795

Physical Rating: Leisurely

The stunning Rhine and Neckar Valleys in Germany are famous for their impressive castles, quaint medieval towns and a rich wine making tradition. Explore picturesque Heidelberg, historic Mainz and cobblestoned wine villages as you enjoy a relaxed cycling trip through Germany's history.


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