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Here's why adventure travellers celebrate Thanksgiving with extra joy this year

Happy Thanksgiving!

At our dinner table we make it a daily practice to hold hands and name the things we are thankful for that day. Sometimes in the rush of daily activities I might forget, but our daughter will always remind me.

At Thanksgiving we slow down for a few days and we celebrate all the things we are thankful for that year. And as avid adventurous travellers, we have so much to be thankful for.

Do you recognize any of these?

No more ArriveCan

If, like I, you have flown to some beautiful destination this year, you may remember the annoyance of having to complete ArriveCan on your phone or laptop within 72 hours prior to arrival to Canada. As of October 1st, our Federal Government dropped this requirement, along with their mask and vaccination mandates.

Worldwide restrictions are almost gone

In the past month or so another ten countries, including Japan and New Zealand, have dropped their testing requirements. This means that a full 160 countries now allow unrestricted entrance to fully vaccinated travellers*, while you can travel to another 42 countries with a test. Find out more here.

The joy of travelling

In April I was fortunate enough to travel to Greece, where I did a walking trip in the Greek Islands with Exodus, followed by a self-drive in Crete. (Read the Twelve things I love about Greece)

Like so many of you I too found the entire experience incredibly freeing, knowing I could go out and travel again. So much so that in November I am booked to go to Morocco on a Premium tour with Intrepid. As always it is as much about discovering areas I have not yet been to as trying out a new product. What about you? have you travelled yet? How was your experience?

Airport troubles are gone

None of our clients who travelled in September reported any significant airport issues. As predicted security and immigration line-ups were limited to the busy summer travel season (and there are some signals that it may happen again over Christmas). After all the finger pointing between the different parties involved, in the end they all got together and did what needed to be done.

Local people

Everywhere people go they report local people welcoming them with open arms. They have been starved for contact with the outside world and are truly happy to see you.

And there is one reason I personally am extra thankful - People like you

Throughout the pandemic I received plenty of messages of support and you were some of the first Canadians to hit the road running. It is people like you that make this profession so much fun to work at. Thank you!

Travel is back

All throughout the spring and summer travellers have been booking trips for this year and next. Travellers are confident and champing at the bit to travel. Be sure to snap up your spot as plenty of trips in 2023 are already sold out. Find the perfect tour with our tour finder.

Back to you

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Drop me a line!

* the definition of fully vaccinated will vary from country to country. Please inquire.


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