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Must-Have Gadgets for Adventurous Travellers: Essential Tech for Exploring the World

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Always on top of the latest developments in the world of adventure travel, Adventure Coordinators has unearthed some amazing Must-Have Gadgets for Adventurous Travellers.

These are so incredible, you won't believe your eyes.

camel in the sahara in morocco

The Canucks Roam App (CR-app)

Combining the best of Tours by Locals, Couch surfing, Eatwith, Google Maps, Meetup and Uber, this app offers the ultimate in touring. Wherever you are in the world, find locals willing to be your tour guide, driver and/or dinner host, even offering you to stay with adventure activities thrown in.

I tried the app on my recent trip to Morocco with Canadians Roaming Amazing Places when I had a few extra unscheduled days at the end of my tour. Within 15 minutes I had connected with Rachid who showed up with his camel and took me on a three day tour of the Sahara. He had a network of local friends and cousins who put me up for the night, fed me delicious meals and took me climbing Mount Toubkal. Best of all, it was all free!

Available on the App Store

power bank

Endless Power bank

With all the electronics we travel with these days, a constant supply of power is critical. The Endless Power Bank promises to be the ultimate solution. Powered by deuterium and tritium, this power bank offers on-the-go nuclear fusion for an endless power supply. Never again deal with low batteries or power outages.

The company is working on scaling the gadget and is aiming to have a working pocket sized version to market by 2159

Currency printer

Currency Rover app

This app, powered by Bitcoin, promises currency on demand. Before leaving home, load the Currency Rover app with Bitcoin and when you get to your destination put the app to work. A pocket-sized printer connects wirelessly to your phone and prints of local currency in your chosen denomination. It's great for countries where Apple Wallet and Google Pay are not widely used.

The launch of this app has been postponed indefinitely as the company behind it finds itself the target of a copyright infringement lawsuit by the developers of the Canucks Roam app. The latter claim they were the first to register the name CR-app.


Travel Agent in your pocket

This app promises to do away with travel agents. Developed by OpenAI, you can ask it any travel-related question and it will give you the answer almost instantly. Tell it to find you the lowest cost airfare to Sydney and it will get you there (hopefully it knows the difference between Nova Scotia and Australia).

Ask it for the bus schedule for Bamako, Mali, et voila - the next bus to Timbuktu leaves at 3:15pm. You will be seated next to a jihadi.

Ask it for the entry requirements to Turkmenistan and it may give you the right answer. If it doesn't, and you find yourself at the border with incorrect paperwork, show the app and Turkmen immigration may take pity on you.

The one thing the app got right was when I asked it for a recommendation of a good adventure travel specialist. It took me to this website


Leave it to the Dutch to come up with the ultimate in biking: the self-riding, self-balancing bike, a.k.a. the Autoped. Google Netherlands has teamed up with our favourite tour company Canadians Roaming Amazing Places to test these self-riding bikes along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Imagine no more tough walking or difficult bike rides as Zoomers zoom along the 800 km long Camino in a mere seven days.

Zooming to Enlightenment - it's a thing.

The bikes will be introduced next April Fool's Day but we have an exclusive preview for you below.


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