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My next adventure holiday - I am going to space!

Having travelled to well over 100 countries I am always looking for the next frontier of adventure travel. And while a visit to the Titanic or a cruise to the North Pole are on my bucket list, I recently was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Yes, I am going to space.

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with tour company Canadians Roaming Amazing Places, a travel outfit always at the cutting edge of adventure travel. They are launching, quite literally, a space programme and they invited ten of Canada's best travel agents to come along.

I was humbled to be among the chosen.

We will take off from a dedicated space port in the North-West Territories.

It will be a blast.

After climbing into orbit we will make five passes over Earth. Eventually the gravitational pull of the moon will get us into position to dock with the International Space Station where a cocktail reception will be laid on.

Our visit to the station will last 24 hours after which we will disengage and journey back to earth. Our landing will make quite a splash - it is scheduled to be in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia. Canadian naval vessels will stand by to retrieve our module.

I have a year of serious training ahead of me as the launch is scheduled for April Fool's Day of 2024.


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