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Next time you are in Venice, be sure to listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons by Interpreti Veneziani

She has been called "La Serenissima" or more down to earth, "Queen of the Adriatic". And as you wander her streets, squares and alleys you may come across a hidden place like a forgotten mansion, a street-side café or a beautiful church. It is in one of those churches, St. Vidal in San Marco, that I came across one of the best experiences of my visits to Venice and perhaps all of Italy. A concert so unforgettable that, in the words of Lonely Planet, "you’ll never listen to The Four Seasons again without hearing summer storms erupting over the lagoon, or snow-muffled footsteps hurrying over footbridges in winter’s-night intrigues".

The video below is a short excerpt of what I heard on my last trip to Venice.

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