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Once-in-a-lifetime sale on this adventure cruise through the North-West Passage

One of the most popular adventure cruise for Canadians is sailing through the North West Passage. The trip often books out years in advance but during the pandemic bookings did not materialize.

Now that the Arctic will once again be accessible, we are pleased to offer a once-in-a-lifetime up to 20% sale on select cabins on this fabulous trip.

Your journey starts on September 7th, 2022 in Calgary and ends on 23 September, 2022 in Toronto. We have a limited number of Category A balcony cabins for sale at a price of US$18,746 per person.

As we cruise the waters of the North-West Passage we hope to spot seal, polar bear, beluga, narwhals and numerous Arctic bird species. Sailing in the wake of famous explorers like Sir John Franklin, we take Zodiacs to land in remote places and hike the shoreline, tundra and mountains. We will go where the ice and the weather permit us to go, exploring such famed places like Prince Leopold Island, Cunningham Inlet, Prince Regent Inlet, Fort Ross, Bellot Strait, Coningham Bay and of course King William Island where we hope to land at Victory Point and get close to where the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror were abandoned in 1848.

At Beechey Island we pay homage to the three men of the Franklin Expedition who are buried here.

Exploring Lancaster Sound and Devon Island by ship and by Zodiac we marvel at the rich marine life we find here, alongside remains of RCMP and HBC outposts.

We continue to Bylot Island, a haven for numerous species of Arctic birds, and arrive at picturesque Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik) where you will see exhibits about the culture and history of the Inuit.

We sail down the Baffin Coast before we cross Davis Strait to Greenland with its Iceland-like landscapes at Disko Island (Qeqertarsuaq). Here we hike and cruise the bays looking for different species of whale before setting sail for the calving glaciers of the the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Illulissat Icefjord.

Finally, after hiking the shoreline of Evighedsfjorden we sail past the towering mountains lining Søndre Strømfjord to Kangerlussuaq, our departure point for our flight back to Toronto.

Limited availability


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