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Quark Expeditions' new polar exploration vessel, ultramarine, has us excited!

Every so often we see a new trip or idea launch in the world of adventure travel and a new ship by Quark Expeditions, the world's leader in polar exploration, has us definitely excited.

Imagine a ship especially designed to break through heavy ice, getting you to places few other vessels can. Then, board your helicopter to get into areas few other people, if any, have been before. Think the emperor penguins of Snow Hill, the interior glaciers of Greenland, or a remote outpost in the Canadian Arctic.

In addition, Ultramarine offers the industry's widest selection of adventure options, including sea kayaking, paddling excursions, camping, mountain trekking, ski trekking, stand-up paddle boarding, flight seeing, heli-skiing and heli-hiking.

Water-level boarding platforms allows guests to minimize the time spent boarding zodiacs, leaving more time to enjoy spontaneous adventures.

Ultramarine's spacious suites have balconies on most suites and the ship offers six solo suites as well. There are a restaurant and panorama bar offering stellar views, a wrap-around deck for wildlife viewing opportunities, and even a spa and fitness centre, a sauna and a yoga space.

Best of all, you can have immersive polar experiences with a minimal environmental footprint thanks to its advanced design.

Are you ready for the ultimate polar experience? Contact us today!


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