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Self-guided trips - the freedom and security of travelling your own bubble

Self-guided trips are a splendid mix of organized travel arrangements and the freedom of independent travel. If you love the security of having your accommodation booked and getting to know an area in depth, but also love the freewheeling style and flexibility of your own explorations, then self-guided trips are for you.

On our self-guided hiking and cycling trips we pre-book your accommodation and, when changing from one overnight location to another, will transfer your luggage for you. Technical support, should you need it, is only a phone call away.

We will give you a set of detailed route notes and maps, allowing you either follow the notes, or to explore further afield using the maps. You have the freedom to stop where you like, perhaps linger over lunch or a glass of wine, explore a village and stop to take photos or smell the roses. Feel like an easy day? Pick the easy route. Want to be more active? Choose a harder route.

And as the pandemic rages on we see a real uptick in these types of trips. After all, they allow singles, couples and families to travel in their own bubble.

Choose from 3-star accommodated trips, or perhaps a bike and barge, or treat yourself to a premium trip which often have gourmet meals included. Either way, enjoy the freedom of the open road with a partner or with a group of friends!


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