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The Adventure Coordinators ultimate guide to Iceland - All the things to do and places to go

Nature in Iceland is designed to make you feel small - volcanoes covered by ice loom over a verdant green coastline, glaciers grind their way to the ocean, geysers erupt and the northern lights dance in the sky. All the while culture blooms - from medieval sagas to modern pop-musicians and Nobel-prize winning authors. And then there is the glorious food and the warm, quirky people - what is there not to love about Iceland?

Reykjavik, the first place to be settled by the Vikings of old is also Iceland's largest city by far. Expect creative people, amazing design, captivating art and great nightlife all happening in a setting infused with crystal-clear ocean air against a backdrop of snowy mountains. For a city of its size, Reykjavik hosts a remarkable number of great museums. The Settlement Exhibition, the National Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Einar Jonsson Museum (for sculptures) are some of the best.

The nearby Golden Circle is experienced by many as a day-trip out of Reykjavik. This classic route shows you the oldest parliament in the world and meeting place of two continents at Þingvellir, the explosive geyser Strokkur and the spectacular waterfalls at Gullfoss.

Superjeeps are 4WD vehicles, modified with big wheels to take on the challenging off-road terrain of Iceland's interior like the multi-colored landscapes of Þórsmörk &

Landmannalaugar. Here, glaciers, mountains in every colour of the rainbow and ancient forests overlook swirling rivers, soothing hot springs, incredible lava flows and deep gorges. Fantastical rock formations rise up out of carpets of Arctic flowers and brilliantly coloured moss.

picking up your ice axe and joining a guided hike on one of Iceland's many glaciers.