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The best discovery adventure tours in Africa and the Middle East with Exodus Travels

Exodus Travels for years has had a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East. Here are their best discovery adventure tours in Africa and the Middle East with Exodus Travels.


On this premium cruise on the Nile in Egypt you get to witness the pyramids, bazaars, mosques and museums in Cairo, Karnak's Pharaonic temples and Valley of the Kings near Luxor and the masterpiece of a temple Ramses II built in Abu Simbel. Join a Nile cruise and visit edifices where time has stood still for centuries. This adventure tour of Egypt shows you the country in style.

Saudi Arabia

Visit a country that for centuries has been inaccessible to Westerners. Starting in Riyadh we make our way into the desert to arrive at the largest camel market in the world, the Buraydah’s camel market. We continue through ever-changing desert landscapes, via Jubbah, to our desert camp in AlUla, an ancient oasis. The surrounding area is home to spectacular rock-carved monuments dating back two millennia to the time of the frankincense trade road.

In Medina, Islam’s second holiest city and a major pilgrimage site, we view several mosques from a distance, before travelling to Jeddah where we visit the Abdul Raouf Khalil Heritage Museum and enjoy a guided walk around the old town.

From Jeddah we drive into the Sarawat Mountains passing beautiful views and eventually reaching laid-back Taif and the forested Al Bahah Region where we spend a day looking around the area, stopping at amazing viewpoints, oases and traditional villages.

During the final few days of the tour we fly east to explore the Al Ahsa Oasis, one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites the Saudi Arabia offers. Millions of palm trees cover an enormous area and we visit the Ibrahim Fort, its mosque, and the Jebel Qarah, with its caves and canyons.


Oman is a hidden gem in the Middle East, affected by neither instability nor oil wealth. The country boasts a rich cultural heritage, a fabulous past, traditional charms, and Bedouin values. This one-week tour of Oman shows you all the highlights. From Muscat's Grand Mosque to the dunes at the Wahiba Sands and from spectacular views of the Grand Canyon of Arabia to the cattle market and fort in Nizwa, this holiday will take you deep into the deserts. Drink coffee with a Bedouin family, sail a traditional dhow along the coast and enjoy a swim in the beautiful turquoise pools of the desert oasis of Wadi Bani Khalid.


See all the highlights of Jordan, the country made famous by Lawrence of Arabia. Visit the Roman ruins at Jerash, the mosaics at Madaba and the crusader castle at Kerak. Undisputed highlight of your holiday in Jordan will be your explorations of the rose-red city of Petra. But even after Petra there are more surprises: explore Wadi Rum's desert and camp out under the stars, before relaxing with a swim in both the Red and the Dead Sea.


Ethiopia is home to one of the oldest Christian cultures in the world - witness the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the churches of Tigray province and the monasteries of Lake Tana. In addition, Axum was once one of the foremost civilizations of the ancient world, while Gondar has castles rivaling those of medieval Europe. Then there are the stunning Simien Mountains and the Blue Nile Falls. This is a tour for people who want to travel to a country in Africa which despite its rapid development still feels like you are stepping back into history.

Kenya, Uganda

Track gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates in Uganda, see spectacular wildlife in Kenya's Maasai Mara, at Lake Nakuru, Queen Elizabeth NP and Murchison Falls.


Endless savannas awash in vast numbers of animals; tribal people who bring colour to the land. That is Kenya in a nutshell. Dream of Africa and you dream of the Maasai Mara, where vast numbers of herbivores and predators inhabit the rolling hills. In addition we spend time in around the Great Rift lakes on boat trips and game drives. Here Lake Nakuru is another highlight: during the dry season enormous flocks of flamingos wade along the shore, while rhino and antelopes graze the surrounding grasslands. Nakuru is also a great place to see leopard.


With a guaranteed window seat it is easy to spot the birdlife and tree-climbing lions at Lake Manyara, watch predators on the hunt on the plains of the Serengeti, discover a veritable Noah's Ark of wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater and watch the elephants of Tarangire during one of those magnificent African sunset. This 8-day tented-camp safari of Tanzania will be one trip you won't lightly forget.


Botswana's Chobe counts the highest number of elephants in the world. It is the northern end of a huge continuous wilderness area stretching through Moremi to the tranquil Okavango Delta and into the Kalahari Desert. Here animals, including rare species such as rhino and wild dog, roam free, undisturbed by humans. Then there is the surreal Makgadikgadi Salt Pan with its spectacular sunsets and rich birdlife. To top it off, just across the border in Zimbabwe lie the Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world and a staple of any Botswana safari.


Renowned for its unique endemic wildlife including its 70 species of lemur, Madagascar is perhaps less known for its spectacular landscapes and scenery. This trip has you discover the wonderful flora and fauna of this island nation, as well as the amazing rock formations, spectacular canyons and natural swimming holes. Towards the end of our tour we spend a few days relaxing on a stunning beach


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