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The best new comfortable adventure holidays by Peregrine Adventures for 2020

Australian adventure operator Peregrine, known for its comfortable style of adventure travel, continues to expand its offering of adventure holidays. A special focus this year is on new adventure cruises and tours in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, as well as on longer trips for those of you who are retired.

Here is a selection of the best new Peregrine Adventures tours for 2020.

Northern Spain & Portugal Explorer

15 days from CA$7,105

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Carve your own path through Northern Spain and Portugal and capture the feeling that defines these western European havens. Travel from the buzz of Madrid through Burgos and the Picos de Europa, heading to Porto after a brief pilgrimage in Santiago de Compostela. Continue to explore picture-perfect Portugal through Guimaraes, Coimbra and Lisbon, all teeming with rich history, vibrant regional cultures, stunning landscapes and refined cuisine. With plenty of time to explore at your own pace, this 15-day adventure captures the authentic sides to Spain and Portugal.

Spain Uncovered

21 days from CA$10,770

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Walk in the footsteps of Gaudi and Picasso, taste fine wines and tapas, and witness the white-washed villages that bring Spain to life. This is a comprehensive journey from south to north, through Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, and finishing in picturesque Porto. Crane your neck to see exemplary Gothic architecture contained inside medieval walls, walk through lush fields and rub your hand over the worn pillar touched by millions at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. Uncover Spain in all of its natural, cultural and epicurean wonder on a 21-day small group adventure.

Best of Spain & Portugal

27 days from CA$13,730

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Carve a path through Spain and Portugal and witness the iconic imagery that defines these iconic European destinations. Follow fine wines and produce form farm to table, wander white-washed villages and medieval towns and immerse yourself in authentic culture with tours and excursions led by passionate locals. Over 27 days explore icons like Guimaraes and Santiago de Compostella while enjoying moments like a tour of Porto’s best-kept cafe secrets and a performance of melancholy fado music in Coimbra.

Highlights of Italy & the Adriatic

24 days from CA$13,000

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Traverse the historic streets of Rome and the canals of Venice, dine of fine food and wine in Tuscany and the Cinque Terre, admire the mountain-top views of Slovenia’s Lake Bohinj and meander your way down the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnik on this enthralling 24-day adventure through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Get deep into the culture, history and cuisine of each destination and gain memorable experiences with your curated Peregrine experiences. Let Italy and the Adriatic Coast enchant you on this fascinating and inspiring small group tour.

Croatia - Cruising the Adriatic Coast: Dubrovnik to Athens

8 days from CA$4,755

Physical rating 1 out of 5

Set sail for the gorgeous Adriatic as you navigate the coastlines of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Italy and Greece. From the fortified walls of Dubrovnik and Kotor to the unique Italian dwellings nestled in the hills outside Bari, this cruising adventure showcases history at its most beautiful. Spend some nights in port and some sailing overnight to maximise time spent swimming off little-known Albanian beaches and delving into the myths that define the Greek islands. With opportunities to visit the Delphic Oracle and explore Odysseus's homeland, you'll soon find out that though these places' stories are epic by definition, their reality is even better.

Cruise Croatia, Coast and Outer Islands: Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik

15 days from CA$7,135

Physical rating 1 out of 5

Cruise the Dalmatian coastline on a paradisiacal adventure through Croatia’s highlights and hidden gems. Spend 15-days aboard the Lupus Mare, taking in classic views of shimmering ocean and charming islands along with the offbeat sights the big ships don’t see. Departing from Dubrovnik, discover the underground military cave system on Vis, built under Yugoslav occupation, and the near-empty beaches of Lastovo. Explore the trails that run through lush Mljet National Park, as well as the stunning Split foreshore and Old Town. See the romantic and evocative Korcula, and board wooden boats and stop in at Mostar – a town situated in a beautiful valley in the high mountains. With all the comforts you need to sit back and relax, the delightful Dalmatian archipelago awaits.

Eastern Europe Experience

16 days from CA$2,465

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Embrace romance on this 16-day tour through Serbia and Bulgaria that finishes in Istanbul. Explore whimsical villages like Drvengrad, wander glorious Serbian meadows in Tara National Park, and learn about Serbian identity in Nis. In Bulgaria, be charmed by the hearty food and opulent buildings of Sofia, discover a 10th-century monastery in the Rila Mountains, and spend three nights on the Black Sea Coast. With local guides to illuminate the historic sights and cities along the way, this trip is a feast of ancient cultures, untouched wilderness and some of the best food and drink in Europe.

Secrets of the Balkans

23 days from CA$8,945

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Embrace romance on this 23-day tour through Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria and into Turkey. This itinerary combines the best of the Balkans; a colourful tapestry of cultures, landscapes and traditions, with whimsical villages and walled cities to sparkling waters and stunning national parks. Be charmed by the hearty food and opulent buildings of Sofia, learn the political history of Sarajevo, discover a 10th-century monastery in the Rila Mountains, and spend three nights on the Black Sea Coast. With local guides to illuminate the historic sights and cities along the way, this trip is a feast of ancient cultures, untouched wilderness and some of the best food and drink in Europe.

Greece & Turkey - Mediterranean Explorer

24 days from CA$8,355

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Meander around the Mediterranean on an essential 24-day adventure of Greece and Turkey’s hotspots. Historic sites and the ruins of empires are the focus of this trip, with locally guided tours of Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, Troy, Ephesus, Antalya and more. Fly across the border to experience the thriving centre in Athens, soak up the million-dollar views of the Cyclades while relaxing on Santorini, stroll through the lush gardens of Crete, and discover the old-world charm of Mykonos’ acclaimed white streets. Whether you’re searching for tumbledown ruins and ancient myths, street side snacks and thermal springs, or simply a stretch of sand by the Mediterranean to read a book on, Turkey and Greece have it all in spades.

Jewels of Turkey

15 days from CA$2,465

Physical rating 2 out of 5

This 15-day tour takes you into the heart of historic and beautiful Turkey during the low season, so you can avoid the heat and the crowds. Ramble through famous ruins like Greco-Roman Ephesus and lofty Pergamon, explore the dreamlike rock spires of Cappadocia and the terrace pools of Pamukkale – all with cooler temperatures and fewer people to step around. Fall in love with the mystery, the legacy and the culture of Turkey on this two-week winter odyssey.

Splendours of Russia

19 days from CA$6,580

Physical rating 2 out of 5

Peer into Russia's past and present on this comprehensive tour through some of Russia’s less explored cities, towns of the famous Golden Ring as well as the jewels in Russia’s crown – Moscow and St Petersburg. Explore the marvels of this transcontinental nation, travelling east from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, and on to Siberia. Traverse a section of the Trans-Siberian Railway and explore the legends the past with visits to palaces, museums and Moscow’s iconic Red Square. Surround yourself with culture, history and breathtaking architecture and get beneath the surface of Russia on this ultimate 19-day small group adventure through such an endlessly intriguing country.

Borneo Coastal Cruising: Kuching to Kota Kinabalu (and v.v.)

9 days from CA$4,245

Physical rating 2 out of 5

One of the last remaining truly wild places on earth, Borneo offers travellers lush forests filled with endemic flora and fauna, untouched coastlines and labyrinthian caves. This 9-day cruise will reveal the cultural and natural treasures of rugged Borneo, skipping between the Malaysian and Bruneian sections of the island on the comfort of the M/S Panaroma II. Spot birds, butterflies and beasts in three different national parks, swim on an isolated island rich in folklore and taste local delicacies prepared with fresh caught seafood and bountiful produce along the way.


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