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What do I need to consider if I want to travel once I had a covid-19 vaccine

So you waited patiently, and after months of living under restrictions, you are ready to travel. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to travel after you had your Covid-19 vaccine.

Common precautions

Scientists are trying to understand whether a vaccine will stop you from spreading COVID-19 - someone who has been vaccinated may be immune but may carry the virus in their upper-respiratory tract. So whether you are vaccinated or not, for the time being it is important to use common-sense precautions at home and while travelling.

Travel within Canada

On our COVID-19 hub we show you where you can travel within Canada: the Atlantic provinces and our three territories are either closed to travellers or require you to self-isolate for 14-days. Travel between Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan is currently unrestricted with the exception of a 14-day isolation period for travellers from Ontario and Quebec visiting Manitoba. The expectation is that once the pandemic is under control, these restrictions will be relaxed.

For those wanting to explore Canada, we have a lot of choice within our beautiful country. Check out our list of bucket list trips in Canada.

The ethics of going abroad

What about international travel? One of the big questions here is - should you travel to a country where the majority of people have not had a vaccine. While much of the Western world will likely be in lockstep with Canada as far as the speed of vaccinations goes, many poorer countries are expected to be much slower. Each traveller should make up their mind whether it is OK to visit those countries. Will you feel uncomfortable, as if you are sticking it to people who did not get the vaccine? What about the money you are bringing in to the local economy and the jobs your travels are creating?

Government restrictions

Government restrictions play a roll in your decision. Entry restrictions may stop you from going to your chosen destination. And going on a one-week vacation but having to go into isolation for two weeks on return, while important, is not very attractive. You can read about Canadian Government restrictions here.

The expectation is that with rapid testing at airports and vaccine passports, quarantine-on-arrival periods will be shortened (as we have already seen at Calgary Airport) or abolished altogether. And as vaccines are being rolled out, travel restrictions for destinations are likely to be relaxed or lifted, with Europe likely leading the way. You can find out here which countries currently welcome travellers.

Booking now is smart

As I outline in this article, there are some very compelling reasons to secure your trip now.

Mask up, keep your distance

Until this pandemic is truly over, please mask up and keep your distance.



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