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Chechnya, Angola, Chad? Get ready for your next adventure!

Ready for a completely different type of adventure tour? Think festivals like the Gerewol in Chad, the hottest place in the world, in Djibouti, or the coldest, in the Russian Arctic? Angola, Ivory Coast or Chechnya? As always, Adventure Coordinators has you covered! We teamed up with Native Eye Travel in the UK to bring you tours on the cutting edge of adventure travel in Africa, Asia and Europe. Here is a sampling of the best.

Angola Expedition to Angola 11 days Where some tour operators combine Angola with Namibia, this unique trip covers the remote south of the country. This is a land barely touched by the modern world, a land of vast wilderness where tribal groups follow an ancient way of life. Discover prehistoric rock art, explore old colonial settlements and come eye-to-eye with some of the last truly traditional peoples of Africa.

Benin Ouidah Voodoo Festival 12 days Want to meet witches? How about discovering the voodoo traditions of Ghana, Togo and Benin? Journey into the heart of the magic of West Africa, meeting gods and exploring tribal villages. This is a trip well-suited to experienced African travellers as well as a great introduction to the area.

Chad The Gerewol Festival 8 days One of the most traditional cultures in all of Africa is that of the Mbororo people and this is your chance to join them for a week of traditional festivities and cultural immersion. This is one of the most colourful festivals you are likely to attend anywhere.

Chad Expedition to the Ennedi 15 days Travel to places few travellers have ever been on a spectacular journey through remote and breathtaking lands. Travel into the incredible Ennedi Mountains, camp under star-studded skies, discover prehistoric rock art, engage with the Tubu people and see beautiful desert lakes. This is an expedition for real explorers.

Djibouti, Ethiopia & Somaliland Djibouti, the Danakil Depression and Somaliland 18 days The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on earth, an inhospitable place of volcanoes and dry lands where only the Afar camel herders can make a living. Combined with the otherworldly landscapes of Djibouti and the rock art and Ottoman sites of Somaliland you have a journey that is hard to beat.

Georgia Legends of the Caucasus 11 days In the far corners of the European continent, in Georgia, lies a land of complex traditions, where mountain hamlets and picturesque villages are tucked away amongst incredible mountain scenery. Medieval churches and monasteries and enjoy Georgia’s renowned hospitality.

Kosovo & Albania Kosovo and Albania Revealed 17 days A breathtaking boat trip through the mountains? Yes, Albania has that - and more. Explore historic cities, discover ancient Roman ruins, and visit the exquisitely preserved towns of Berat and Gjirokastra. Top it off by staying in mountain hamlets to meet the Gorani people. This is one fascinating and truly unique side of Europe.

Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan The Pamir Highway 17 days Take a journey along one of the most remote stretches of mountain roads lined by the incredible peaks and valleys of the Pamir Mountains. Little has changed over the centuries as witnessed by isolated villages and rare wildlife. This trip to the Roof of the World is one that will keep even the most seasoned traveller enthralled.

Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova 16 days Moldova could just be Europe's most unusual destination, a country of stark Soviet ideology and gentle rural customs, a land of rolling hills, family-owned farmsteads and centuries-old churches. Within its borders lies the break-away republic of Transdniestr, a country that does not officially exist. Belarus is a great mix of old communist architecture, charming old churches, historical towns and castles. The golden domed-cathedrals and monasteries of Ukraine date back a millennium and Lviv is easily one of Europe's most charming cities. Small villages abound, while the Carpathian mountains are home to stunning scenery and rare wildlife. This is a truly intriguing region, well off the beaten track, a treasure trove of surprises rivalling better known parts of Europe.

Mongolia, Russia & Kazakhstan Altai Explorer 23 days Journey through the forgotten lands of Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan and into the heart of the Altai Mountains. This is an area steeped in the ancient shamanic traditions. Engage with eagle hunters at their homes and visit nomadic communities as you travel through some of Asia's most spectacular landscapes.

Pakistan North Pakistan Explorer 16 days Travel to the edge of the Indian subcontinent high into some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world to meet the Kalash people. Enjoy colourful celebrations in their remote lands, the mountains of the Himalaya, Hindu Kush and Karakoram ranges

Russia Arctic Yakutia 13 days The coldest place on earth, Russian Yakutia, is home to indigenous herders, mammoth graveyards, remains of sabre tooth tigers and abandoned gulag camps. Stay with local people as you learn about their culture and the land they call home.


The Caucasus - Russia's Wild Frontier 14 days The Caucasus are Russia's wild frontier, only conquered in the 19th century and home to distinct - and fiercely independent - people. This is the land of legends, an untamed landscape of imposing peaks, hidden medieval villages and customs that stretch back to the dawn of human settlement. North and South Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya and Abkhazia - like names fallen from a 19th century travel novel, these republics and unrecognized countries are yours to explore. This truly is Russia's best kept secret...

Turkmenistan Total Turkmenistan 15 days Mostly known for its excentric former ruler, quirky Turkmenistan is one of Asia's most rewarding places to explore. Unlock the secrets of a hidden land on an unusual and captivating journey. Splendid modernity rubs shoulders with an ancient heritage in a land where cities date back to the dawn of civilization and pilgrims walk century-old trails. Then there are the natural phenomena like the Gates of Hell and dinosaur footprints. This is one country you need to see if you think you've seen it all.

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