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What adventure travel should you be planning in September

With fall approaching, it is time to plan your fall and winter trips.

Winter is prime time for Patagonia - terrific hiking and some splendid scenery which you could combine with a world-class city like Buenos Aires, the splendour of Iguazu Falls, the moai of Easter Island, the deserts of the Atacama or even the Galapagos Islands or Antarctica.

The rains subside in Central America in December with the best time to travel running all the way through to March. Explore the jungles of Costa Rica, the reefs of Belize and the villages and volcanoes of Guatemala.

If you want to get away for Christmas, now is the time to book a trip to South East Asia or the Indian Subcontinent. Cycle from Bangkok to Saigon, sample the food of Vietnam, explore the temples of Cambodia, Myanmar, India or Sri Lanka.

Europe is a great place to experience winter a little differently - hike in Southern Italy or Greece, gaze at the Northern Lights in Iceland, go cross-country skiing in Norway or dogsledding in Finland.

East Africa is quiet during the short rains, yet it is a great time to go. Massive herds of wildebeest congregate on the plains of Ndutu, young are being born and predator activity is high.

New Zealand and most of Australia are best visited during our winter as well. Explore the fjords and trails of South Island, the volcanoes and beaches of North Island, or the world-class cities and outback in Australia.

Finally, while there may be some room left for Antarctica this winter, bookings for the 2017/18 season are starting up and some cabins and voyages are already sold out.

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