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Backroads - Active adventures in luxury

Active tours, travelling through a region under your own steam - on foot or by bike, you really get a sense of place.

Famed tour operator Backroads takes this to a new level. With a simple philosophy of wanting to make your trip the best it can be, dedicated trip designers (with an average tenure of 16 years) have developed an incredible array of luxury trips.

What sets Backroads apart from the rest?

- three engaging leaders per trip

- skilled bike mechanics

- thoughtfully designed trips

- two support vans

- each trip supports a range of abilities & interests

- best bike fleet in the world

- luxury accommodation to experience the best of each region

- most meals and drinks included

Here are some of the best Backroads trips.

Cinque Terre & Tuscany Walking & Hiking Tour From the Ligurian Coast to Timeless Tuscany - incredible views, just-off-the-boat fresh seafood, friendly people, warm sunlight, the azure sea, cypress trees and hill towns.

Sicily Bike Tour An island almost as close to Africa as to Europe. Where art and architecture hail from countless centuries. Where Mount Etna simmers on the horizon and delicious seafood forever raises the bar. It's historic. Passionate. It's Sicily.

Loire Valley Bike Tour The castles are graceful—right out of a fairy tale. The landscape is idyllic—a rolling symphony of vineyards, orchards, fields and rivers. The cuisine, the wines—simply exquisite. Come and explore.

Utah & Arizona: Bryce, Zion & Grand Canyon Multisport Adventure Tour The Grand Canyon - a chasm plunging more than a mile at its deepest. Rocks nearly two billion years old. Vast sun-soaked plateaus. It's incredible. And it's only a third of the trip. Bryce and Zion await with their own wealth of epic moments. While you're here, feel free to wonder. California Wine Country Active Culinary Walking Tour From oak-studded mountains to vineyard-laced hills. From exhilarating hikes to exclusive tastings of wine, cheese and olive oil. Experience a delicious slice of the place we call the Wine Country, as seen through the eyes of local vintners, chefs and artisans. A memorable epicurean experience awaits. Enjoy every taste!

Belize & Guatemala Multisport Adventure Tour Belize and Guatemala will enchant you. From Maya temples to jungle trails, the thrill dives deep. Like a plunge into the Caribbean, reemerging with each toucan's squawk and howler monkey's roar. Days filled with wonders that stop you in your tracks—or flippers, as the case may be. Costa Rica Multisport Adventure Tour What's the best way to experience Costa Rica? How about jungle hiking, back road biking, surfing, river rafting, toucan watching, blue morpho butterfly viewing, mojito tasting, Costa Rican coffee sipping, Pacific breeze feeling, national park strolling, catch-of-the-day indulging, and deep deep sleeping. But that's just a suggestion. South Africa & Botswana Multisport Adventure Tour There's no other Africa trip like this. And you know it when you're eye-to-eye with a giraffe—from the seat of your bike, on foot or in an open-top 4x4. It's more than you can imagine and everything you expect: premiere lodges, untamed landscapes and once-in-a-lifetime cycling and hiking—all seamlessly connected by private charter flights. Japan Walking & Hiking Tour In Japan, the line between ancient and modern is often so blurred that one becomes a traveler through time. Seventh-century shrines and vibrant traditional markets. Mountain ridges covered in thousands of cherry trees. A world of natural beauty combined with ancient culture—grace and tradition unlike anywhere else.

Thailand Bike Tour You're in Thailand, so mai pen rai—no worries! Bike an oxcart path among lush rice paddies. Admire an ornate Buddhist temple in a jungle-filled valley. Relish a homemade curry. Stare at jagged limestone hills that haven't changed for a thousand years. Ask yourself, "Is it Tuesday?" It doesn't matter because you're in Thailand. Mai pen rai.

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