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What are the different routes for the Camino de Santiago and how do I get there?

Hiking the Camino to Santiago de Compostella

At Adventure Coordinators we often get asked what the different routes of the Camino de Santiago, the ancient pilgrim's route through Spain, are. Here are the different Camino routes to Santiago through Spain, Portugal and the south of France, along with a short description, their length, how long it takes to hike each and how to get to the starting points.

Keep in mind that there is an entire network of pilgrim trails across Europe and we only list the main Camino trails to Santiago in Spain, Portugal and the South of France here.

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Camino Francés (The French Way to Santiago de Compostella) 780 kms / 500 miles Approx. duration: 35 days This is the most popular option due to the varied scenery, its history and good infrastructure making for an enjoyable walk. Great for first timers and people looking for a social experience. Starts in: St. Jean Pied de Port, France Getting there: fly to Madrid. From Madrid: - fly, bus or train to Pamplona. From Pamplona bus to Saint-Jean PdP or Roncesvalles.

- fly or bus to Logroño (3) bus or train to Burgos or León or Astorga or Ponferrada.

You can also fly to Barcelona, then to León

Camino del Norte 830 kms / 515 miles (to Santiago), 465 kms / 289 miles (to Oviedo) Approx. duration: 37 days (to Santiago) A unique journey, the third most popular, crossing some of the most spectacular scenery on Spain’s northern coast, visiting superb cities and offering delicious cuisine and great beaches. Joins up with the Camino Primitivo in Oviedo Starts in: Irun, Spain Getting there: fly to Madrid. From Madrid:

- bus to Irún - fly, bus / train to Bilbao or Santander

Camino Primitivo 321 kms / 200 miles Approx. duration: 14 days Considered to be the very first of the pilgrimage routes this is one of the most beautiful, challenging, and rewarding trails, away from big cities and paved roads. Starts in: Oviedo Getting there: fly to Madrid. From Madrid:

- train or bus to Oviedo

- fly to Asturias Oviedo - bus or train to Lugo

Via de la Plata 1000 kms / 620 miles Approx. duration: 44 days Follows old Roman roads and tracks through vineyards, olive groves, meadows and oak and eucalyptus forests. If you're interested in Roman history, an unparalleled variety of scenery and solitude, this is the route for you. Starts in: Seville, Spain Getting there: fly to Madrid. From Madrid:

- fly or train to Seville

- train to Mérida

- train to Cáceres

- train or bus to Salamanca or Zamora

- train to Ourense.

You can also fly from Canada to Barcelona and then to Seville.

Camino Mozárabe 406 kms / 252 miles Approx. duration: 16 days A route, first way-marked in 1999, which feeds into the Vía de la Plata at Mérida. Starts in: Granada or Málaga, Spain Getting there: fly to Madrid. From Madrid:

- fly or train to Málaga

- fly or bus to Granada