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COVID travel restrictions made easy

You have your COVID shots and you want to travel. But those travel restrictions, they look like a major hurdle. They stress you out.

And yes, there are plenty of regulations relating to COVID for your trip and these may seem daunting.  But we have made it easy for you.

In reality for most countries that allow fully vaccinated travellers the protocol comes down to:

(a) get tested 

(b) have proof of vaccination 

(c) register before arrival

For the return journey you must comply with Canadian regulations.  At the time of writing for fully vaccinated travellers they are:

1) Get your pre-entry COVID-19 test

2) Register in advance for your arrival test

3) Have a quarantine plan in case you don't receive the exemption

4) Download the ArriveCAN app and use it to submit your proof of vaccination

Three important things to do when you book your trip:

1) book a flexible airline ticket so you can make changes on the fly

2) book your flights as direct as possible with the fewest possible layovers

3) book with a travel agent - they have the tools to walk you through this

Now that you know how straightforward this is, why not contact us and let us plan your trip for you? We have access to all the relevant government sites for different countries and will run you through the entire process.

E&OE. The information in this article was correct at the time of publication but should be double checked against relevant government websites before booking a trip.


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