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Join us for a special presentation on adventure cruises in the polar regions

Building on the success of last winter's webinar series, this winter we will be hosting another series of travel webinars. First up is an amazing webinar with Quark Expeditions, the leaders in polar travel.

If you need convincing why they are called that, sign up to participate on November 17th, 7pm or to watch later

I am thrilled to have Cara Matthew return who will be sharing her deep passion for the polar regions and our planet. For over twelve years, she has been an integral part of the Quark Expeditions team and has several polar expeditions under her belt. Cara Matthew has explored the Antarctic Peninsula, East Greenland, Spitsbergen and even Frans Joseph Land. She even got engaged en-route to the North Pole!

And I am excited that Alex McNeil, Director of Expedition Experience and Innovation at Quark Expeditions, will be joining us. Alex has redefined what modern exploration means, to pioneer a new engagement ethos with remote communities, and to strike a balance between tourism development and the environmental we are surrounded by. 

Over the past decade Alex has completed over 100 polar expeditions including 14 expeditions to the Geographic North Pole. He has sailed on fourteen different expedition vessels, icebreakers, and completed trips by land and aircraft. Through his travels he has developed a strong passion for the polar regions, for the people who live and work in the Arctic and Antarctic, and for inspiring people to travel there. 

Alex is responsible for the development of a ground-breaking programme of discovery at Quark Expeditions. Using the brand-new Ultramarine as a base, the voyages he has designed to the Canadian Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica have you experience these remote destinations unlike anyone has before. In addition to the more traditional zodiac landings and cruises, helicopters will carry passengers into remote areas where you get to absorb the silence, admire the stunning scenery and engage in a host of activities including camping, alpine kayaking, heli-hiking and mountain biking.

Perhaps the video below of the Experience Greenland by land, sea and air expedition cruise tells you more than I ever could.


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