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Solo travellers can get a single cabin without extra cost on cruises to the arctic

On select expedition cruises to the Arctic, solo travellers can get a single cabin without extra cost.

Have a look at these adventure cruises but book soon as space is limited.

(And, if you like to have your own room on land-based trips without paying extra, you'd better let me know and I will add you to the solo-traveller list for when our giant no-single supplement sale arrives).

Photo by Jessie Brinkman Evans

In 982 AD Eirik Rauða, better known to us as Erik the Red, was banished from Iceland and sailed to Greenland to start the Norse settlements there. This expedition cruise follows in his wake, sailing from Reykjavik to Greenland's east coast. Here you will explore the fjords and get your first encounters with Arctic wildlife such as polar bears, seals, and humpback whales.

Rounding Cape Farewell you sail through beautiful still waters fed by calving glaciers and lined by craggy peaks, before discovering south Greenland and finding it much like Erik did: fertile green farmland rich in pasture against a backdrop of snowy peaks. Visit the Norse and Inuit settlements at Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as Hvalsey, where the church is the best preserved Norse ruin in Greenland. Further up the coast, Brattahlíð welcomes you with its reconstructed Norse church and Viking longhouse.

Travelling north we reach the lush Sermersooq region with its stunning peaks, glaciers, and fjords. During zodiac cruises we keep an eye out for myriad birds and marine mammals before dropping in on Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Finally, before disembarking in Kangerlussuaq, we explore Kangerlussuatsiaq, the fjord of eternity, by zodiac, ship or kayak.

Photo by Michelle Valberg

Join us for an expedition cruise along the west coast of Greenland and into the entrance of the North West Passage. Enjoy majestic fjords lined by steep mountains, view the Ilulissat Icefjord and glacier, discover incredible wildlife in Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound) and around Devon Island, enjoy

Inuit cultural experiences in Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) and travel back in time at the graves of the Franklin Expedition on Beechey Island.

Join this adventure cruise in the wake of Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin's ill-gated expedition through the northwest passage in Canada's high Arctic. Drop in on Inuit settlements for cultural experiences, encounter wildlife such as polar bear, walrus, whales and muskoxen and of course myriad birdlife. Witness arctic glaciers, beautiful fjords and sculpted icebergs, hike the colourful tundra and visit places such as Beechey Island, where three members of Franklin Expedition are buried, and abandoned RCMP and Hudson Bay outposts.

Photo byJen Derbach

Follow in the wake of Leif Erikson on a journey from Greenland to Labrador and down the coast to l'Anse aux Meadows in Canada's Newfoundland. En-route encounter icebergs, polar bear, whales, seabirds and marine wildlife. Land at Torngat Mountains National Park with Canada’s highest peaks east of the Rockies, superb scenery and wildlife such as polar bear, black bear, caribou, falcons, and eagles. Visit the haunting remains of Moravian Mission stations and communities along the Labrador coast. Discover the Norse settlement at l'Anse aux Meadows and explore the picturesque villages and rocky shores on the east coast of Newfoundland before ending your journey in lively St. John’s.


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