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Ten fabulous regions in Europe you have never heard of but you should travel to

If you are an avid traveller like me you have likely travelled to Europe more times than you can remember. It is after all a continent that offers a lot - cultures and languages vary from one region to the next, the history is unparalled and for an active vacation in comfortable surrounds it is hard to beat the old continent.

So I am going to challenging you a bit. Have a read through this list of ten fabulous regions in Europe you have never heard of and let me know how many are new to you?

Friesland - The Netherlands

Yes, there is such a place. And no, it is not where fries originate *. It is a region with a fabulous history - the Romans knew and feared the Frisian people - but nowadays Friesland refers to a province in the north of The Netherlands. It is your archetypical Dutch landscape - wide-open spaces dotted with traditional farm houses, the horizon punctured by ancient villages centred around a church. Along the coast old fishing villages abound, while inland you will find massive lakes and even the odd forest. It is a fabulous area for a cycling holiday as roads are quiet and bike paths criss-cross the farm fields.

Suggested tour: Cycling The Netherlands

Vestland - Norway

Vestland - literally translated it means West Country - is a county in western Norway, centered on the city of Bergen. Several long and beautiful fjords disect the county, among them Sognefjorden, and Hardangerfjorden. It is a region of spectacular mountains, high waterfalls and glistening glaciers, a land for outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and hisotry buffs alike.

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