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The world is wide open - where you can travel now on your next adventure holiday

Sherpa map showing COVID-19 restirctions for fully vaccinated travellers
Countries acceessible to fully vaccinated* travellers

If you are fully vaccinated* against COVID-19 the world is wide open to you. As of the time of writing 166 jurisdictions (dark green on the above map) allow you in without testing while an additional 36 jurisdictions (light green) will let you in with a negative test. Only eight countries do not let you in or force you to quaratnine and of a further 23 countries we do not have enough information.

As you can see on the map, all of Europe (with the exception of the two warring nations) and most of Latin America is wide open for travel, as are most of the traditional safari destinations in Africa.

Even if you are unvaccinated or your vaccinations are not up to date there is a lot of travel you can do, as shows in the map below. For those travellers 117 jurisdictions are open for travel while another 61 require testing.