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What adventure travel is trending for 2021

Travel has been non-existing during the pandemic but forward bookings give us a look into what adventure holidays people are booking for 2021 and beyond.

1) Bigger ticket trips

During the pandemic people sat on their money - there were fewer places to spend cash and people were making sure they had an emergency fund. Now that the end is in sight, travellers are looking at their holiday budgets and combining their funds earmarked for 2020 and 2021 into one big holiday. African safaris, Galapagos cruises, polar expedition cruises and trips to Central Asia and Japan are proving to be popular.

2) Summer and fall trips

With vaccines being rolled out across North America and Europe this spring and summer, travellers are booking some time out. New bookings are coming in for summer, fall and winter with Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan leading the pack.

The best places to travel in summer are in Europe and Latin America, while in the fall southern Europe, the Middle East, East and Southern Africa, India, Sri Lanka, the Himalaya, South East Asia, Central Asia and East Asia are great places to travel. If you plan to travel in winter, look at Patagonia, Australia and New Zealand, Central America, India, Sri Lanka and South East Asia.

3) Bucket list trips

If the pandemic had one effect on people's travel plans it is to refocus on what matters. Travellers want to do the trips they have been denied this past year.

And we see a surge in typical bucket list trips. Polar travel and African safaris top the list of most people's bucket list items.

4) Into thin air

Perhaps because travellers are getting older and they want to do certain things while they can. Or perhaps they are looking for extra space in uncrowded areas, but mountain treks are seeing a real upswing. Think Mont Blanc, the Dolomites, Everest and the Annapurnas and the Inca Trail.

5) Private groups

Some travellers are skittish about travelling with people they do not know. And so we see friends getting together to form their own group. And families are booking out an entire Galapagos vessel or a safari camp. Fact is, people are keen to travel with people they know and private groups are a great way to do it.

6) Self-guided trips

If you are not keen on travelling with people you do not know, or do not want to form your own private group, self-guided trips are for you.

We book your accommodation, supply you with detailed route notes and maps, transfer your luggage where required, and you fill in the days exploring your chosen destination. Travel at your own pace, alone or with the people you know.

7) Canada

While not looking for a staycation per se, more travellers than usual are choosing to stay in Canada. And we have a huge variety of fantastic trips on offer.


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