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15 Places you have never heard of and how to get there on your next adventure travel holiday

In a previous blog post I wrote about the joys of expedition cruising and how it gets you to places you would otherwise not be able to visit.

Here is a list of 15 places you have never heard of and how to get there on your next adventure travel holiday

Raja Ampat

Indonesia's Raja Anpat, the fabled spice islands, is a natural and cultural melting pot and a marine biodiversity hotspot. Here you will find 75 per cent of the world’s coral species and over 1,500 species of tropical fish. And while truly a paradise for divers and snorkellers, lovers of history, culture and birding will also have their share as we explore the rainforests of the Arfak Mountains looking for Birds-of-Paradise, discover remnants of WW2 and visit an old Dutch fort in Banda Neira. Expedition Cruise to Raja Ampat and West Papua


This island with it's curious names is one of the stops on our Expedition Cruise to the Seychelles. Coral reefs with amazing snorkelling, mangroves, stunning beaches, fantastic birdlife and giant tortoises - all this and more awaits you on this adventure cruise in the Seychelles.


Brattahlíð in Greenland was, until the 15th century, home of Viking explorer Erik the Red and his descendants. A reconstructed Norse church and Viking longhouse allow you to fully immerse yourself in the place. The Saga of Erik the Red.

Hinlopen Strait

Hinlopen Strait in the Norwegian arctic archipelago of Svalbard is paradise for wildlife and you may spot bearded seals, ringed seals, polar bears, blue whale, reindeer and walrus. In addition part of the stunning scenery are some amazing bird cliffs. Get there on our Circumnavigation of Svalbard.


One of Canada’s least-travelled coastlines, northern Labrador is more than just an adventurer’s paradise. It is the Inuit homeland of Nunatsiavut, steeped in history, culture, geology, and wildlife. We take you there on this expedition cruise.

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Windy Bay

Officially known as Hlk’yah GawG̱a this place was an important site during Haida protests against logging. Their protest ultimately led to the protection of the area and the creation of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. It is thanks to them we can take you to the Galapagos of the North.

Gribbell Island

Sail on an expedition cruise into world’s largest intact temperate rainforest on Canada's west coast. This is a world of steep-sided fjords, tranquil coves and inlets, islands and great river estuaries and above all Spirit bears. You will find the largest concentration of these on Gribbell Island, one of the possible stops on our Great Bear Rain Forest trip.

Paradise harbour

Although most people's vision of Paradise would probably involve palm trees, we can all agree that Paradise should at least be unspoilt. So it is with Paradise Harbour, where you can camp on the ice on our Base Camp Antarctica trip.

Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve lies deep inside the Peruvian Amazon, a world of hidden lakes and lagoons, as well as amazing jungle trails. Visit it on our Expedition Cruise on the Peruvian Amazon.


Perhaps better known as Gjoa Haven, Uqsuqtuuq is the place where Roald Amundsen found shelter for two winters while searching for the Northwest Passage. He became the first European to cross the Northwest Passage, thanks to the knowledge he gleaned from the local Inuit. You too can sail through the North West Passage.

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Prion Island

Prion Island is a small island off the coast of South Georgia, the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean. While on South Georgia the focus is on the hundreds of thousands of King penguins and elephant seal, on Prion Island you will find a colony of great wandering albatrosses. South Georgia & The Falklands in Depth

Severnaya Zemlya

Active polar travellers will have heard of Svalbard. Gio further north and east and you reach Franz Josef Land. Go further east still and you reach Severnaya Zemlya, the last major undiscovered territory on earth. Dominated by glaciers it still is one of the least visited places on earth and we get you there on our Into the North East Passage expedition.


Avid travellers may have heard of it but when I mention Kamchatka is on my bucket list, I draw mostly blanks. In Russia's Far East it is the only destination in the world where you can see active volcanoes, brown bears, beluga, eagles, albatross, sea lions, fur seals, sea otters, orca and humpback whales in one location. You will feel like you dropped off the map on our Kamchatka & Russia's Far East expedition.

Wrangel Island

If you have watched BBC Earth, you know what we are talking about here - the place where the camera crew got stuck amidst tens of thousands of walrus. Visiting this island north of Siberia you can expect polar bears, ringed seals, walrus, reindeer, musk oxen and arctic fox on pack ice and slopes covered in wildflowers. Furthest Russia.

Inexpressible Island

Years ago I saw a play in Toronto by this name. It was based on the annals of the lesser-known Northern Party of Captain Scott’s expedition to the South Pole. It is an amazing story of survival and you can visit the place, along with many other sites related to south polar exploration on our Expedition to the Ross Sea.

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Note: images are of places seen on the related cruise but not necessarily of the site described


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